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This commentary is a page highlighting the Continental Battles of North America. I'm going to be giving pre-fight and post fight commentary for the Heavies, Cruisers and Light-Heavy weight divisions. Mainly the Championships and contenders. I will also do a breakdown of main stream rivalry fights. So keep your eyes open. If i ever make it through these exams i will do more weight classes and more indepth analyses of the divisions.



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This week Looks to be an exciting week in the Heavyweight Division.

  • Last week in a battle for #1, Blade Landerman(Frank White) went for an impressive 9th straight KO. He did so against a formidable opponent in Johnny Ramone(Kenny K.O.). The fight was a great one. For the first time ever, Landerman was forced to go the distance. Ramone doing the smart thing, using his extreme height advantange to keep the power of Landerman at bay. Landerman did land a few great blows. He bloodied Ramone's nose in the 6th round. However, his strenth was no match for Ramone's speed in this bout. Ramone takes the decision win.

  • In the second previewed fight, Hates(Four Horsemen) went head-to-head with 3 finger Louie(Frank White). In the previous week to the bout Hates had come on strong in the 12 to hand Louie a K.O. loss. This week, looked as if Hates was going to take home another KO over Louie, knocking him down for and 8 count in Round 9. Round 10 was an all-out slugfest. Louie got the second knockdown of the fight early in the round with a 6 count on Hates. That only seemed to wake Hates up though. Hates came right back with a few volleys to the mouth and then a crushing left cross to topple Louie for 6. Both fighters showing fatigue and swelling, it would only be a matter of time until 1 was down for the whole ten. That matter of time was only seconds into round 11. Louie tasted his revenge. He came out pounding. Throwing punches to the head, leading with the straight right to the chin, and following with a crushing hook to finish Hates off. It was a great fight. Watch out in the future for both these fighters.

  • The top 4 fighters' positions have really been shakin' up since last week with the moving around in divisions of fighters and losses. Only one of the four returns this week.

  • In the battle for #1 we have a new fighter to the division. Bobby Nightrain makes his way into the North American Division with a record of 12-1-1(1/1) and a rating of 11. He is managed by Boxing Inc. He takes on a powerhouse fighter from The gym of Four Horsemen. "MAXIMUS" 19-9-0(19/7) comes into the battle looking for his 5th straight KO and the #1 position. Good luck to both fighters.

  • In the second bout, #3 Johnny Ramone 17-8-4(4/2) fighting for Kenny K.O. and coming off an impressive win over Landerman, looks to move up in the ranks some more. This week he'll take on the experience factor. The #4 fighter Bluto comes in the fight ranked #4 and has 68 total fights under his belt. With a record of 38-28-2(14/4), Bluto fights for the US West and is managed by Savy. Good luck to both fighters..

  • The Cruisers are looking to do some BRUISING THIS WEEK!!

  • Last week Matchemonedo got a rest, this week he'll have to defend that #1 spot. Matchemondedo 29-13-0(25/9) fights for Workman's Gym. This week he'll go toe-to-toe with Bold Bill's John Galt 22-10-0(22/2). I'm looking for a mid-round KO in this one. It should be a slober knocker.
    In the past week the #2 vs #3 battle had Frank Whites fighter Frank Frazier taking on Iceberg Slim(StrongArm's House of Pain). Iceberg landed a haymaker right hook in round 1landing Frazier on his back for a 6 count, after that though, Frazier took complete control of the match. In round 3, frazier gained his first knock down of the match by landing a hellacious uppercut. Iceberg was up after 7. After recieving medical attention after the 6th round, Iceberg came out not knowing what was waiting on him. In round 7 it was all Frazier. After losing his balance with an attack to the head, Iceberg was fair game. Frazier pounded until the ref stepped in. Frazier took the TKO in round 7. This week Frazier hopes to improve his 11-5-0(6/3) against another of StrongArm's fighters. The undefeated Official Canvas Killer 6-0-0(1/0) looks for his 7th straight. It shold be a great match. Good luck to both fighters.

  • The Light-Heavy are ready to do heavy Battle!

  • In the Light Heavies this past week, we gained a new #1 as Ruben Luna's 'Hurricane' Rosie Lamar 39-26-7(20/10) defeated StrongArm's House of Pain's Jerry "Iceman" Killenburg 23-11-2(14/4) with a unanimous decision. Last weeks # 3 fighter Gil 'Soldier' Solis had a week off. This week he moves up to the #2 spot. He has a record of 36-28-3(15/12) and is al