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TBG Statistic Page


March 7, 2003

Back up and operational...at least most of it is current through 2001. Any volunteers to help me out w/ updating the rest?


Lists from Khrogs Statistical Center:

Top 25 Win Percentage

General lists:

Most titlefights won by manager

Most titlefights won by fighter

Most titlefights won by nation

Records & Lineage
Heavyweight Heavyweight Champion Lineage Heavyweight Statistics
Cruiserweight Cruiserweight Champion Lineage Cruiserweight Statistics
Light Heavyweight Light Heavyweight Champion Lineage Light Heavyweight Statistics
Middleweight Middleweight Champion Lineage Middleweight Statistics
Welterweight Welterweight Champion Lineage Welterweight Statistics
Lightweight Lightweight Champion Lineage Lightweight Statistics
Featherweight Featherweight Champion Lineage Featherweight Statistics
Bantamweight Bantamweight Champion Lineage Bantamweight Statistics
Flyweight Flyweight Champion Lineage Flyweight Statistics
Strawweight Strawweight Champion Lineage Strawweight Statistics

TBG history in numbers:

Manager of the year 1995-2000

Fighter of the year 95-99

Special Contributors note regarding Joe who ran these lists for years and spent many hours toiling over them.