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by HammernHank

This will not be a commentary updated weekly,nor am I intrested in hits. Its just a place for me to get some feedback,or maybe awnsers.

It seems before IBF Former President Mr.Bob Lee made his exit from the boxing world ,he left us with corruption/scam that seems to be gaining copy cats. I like to think of the WBC,WBA & IBF as the "Big 3" of the alphabet soup organizations. And of the Big 3,only the WBC seems reluctant to follow suit with the WBA & IBF as far as ratings go. There for in my eyes taken a slight edge in integrity. My confusion is this highly rated ghost that holds down either many of the #1 or #2 spots in the ratings game. AND he appears in nearly ever single division. Of course Im talking about MR.VACANT. How has this been allowed to get as far as its gotten over the past few years??? Shouldnt this new craze be brought in front of a judicial system? It is a Obvious corruptive tactic,thats only purpose is to be held for the deepest pockets of any promoter/manager who feels the need to go around the traditional,and ethnical blue collar climb to the championship. Its already bad enough that fighters like Jose"Shibata" Flores,appears as the #1 WBA challenger to the vacant Jr.Middle wieght title. A spot mind you,that is above #2 WBA Jr.Middle Fernando Vargas. Fernado's last opponent Wilfredo Rivera has more merit and right to Flore's #1 spot,than Flores does. But we the boxing fans absorb the ignorance,and now they introduce to us Mr.Vacant. When this Vacant guy started popping up,didnt we all just think it was gonna be temporary? Instead it has become a permanent filler that has only snowballed. In the Flywieght division the IBF has the gull the make Mr.Vacant #1 & #2. With Hawk Makepula pulling in at #3. (As of March 2001). Why is this happening and when is someone gonna take it to the courts. It is only maken boxing look that much more absurd.