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Mafia World

by Frank White

Welcome to Mafia World This Commentary features the following Departments:

1) Top 5 Managers
2) Top 5 Fighters
3) Top 5 Regions (Southern Comfort)
4) Top 5 Commentaries
5) Gossip & Rumors
6) Interviews (Meadows inc)
7) Outstanding Managers (Writtin by: MLCS)
8) Reviews & Previews (Michael P.)
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10) The State of TBG

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Top 5

1) May 25th, 2002


1) Baddog
2) Joe Byrd
3) Frank White
4) Black Boots Boris
5) Eddy Crown


2)May 25th, 2002


1) "Fast" Punching Camacho - Baddog (Straw)
2) kaze no tani no Naushik -Boris(Light)
3) Janet "The Tank" Reno - Demise(welter)
4) Newbie Killer - White(Feather)
5) Jeremiah Trotter - Demise(Middle)


3) May 25th, 2002


1) US West
2) US East
3) Canada
4) US South
5) Europe


4) May 25th, 2002


1) O The Place O - Marsolo
2) Cruisers N Bruisers - Kwai
3) Welter World Weekly - Hall
4) Tools 4 The Trade - Armstrong
5) Titles - Demise

5)May 25th, 2002


6) May 25th, 2002 (Flashback interview by: Meadows)

An old archive interview i found. Hope you enjoy.
(Khrog is the interview-ie)

When and how did your first fight go?
1) My first match in EKO was December 3rd, 1998. Sapphon the Death Priest KOed his opponent. Interestingly enough, that manager sent an I-mail before the match saying that I was gonna be destroyed or something. Haven't heard from that manager since ;)

Who has been your toughest manager to face?
2) Managers are pretty tough because of the great ones available for matches, but my personal difficulties seem to emerge for la-may and Lawrence. Lawrence is a tough cookie no matter where I face him and la-may just gets such great matchups against me that I always feel hard pressed to win. Fighters are a bit tougher because they vary so much depending on what kind of fighter my guy is. Typically, the primary type of fighter that I cringe when seeing them on my schedule is a Joe Byrd slugger. I win my fair share against them, but almost always at a cost.

Who is your favorite fighter outside of your gym?
3) Ultra Outlaw without a doubt. Ultra has maintained a level of excellence that will be tough to repeat. I don't think that there will ever be another speed slugger that does anything near the magnitude that he has done. My own first champion was taught to fight by watching Ultra Outlaw's matches. I had to modify it to fit my slightly stronger and slightly slower Mumh Ra the Everliving, but Lawrence deserves credit for showing me the ropes without even knowing it ;)

Who is your favorite fighter(s) in your gym?
4) I love managing alot of the fighters in my gym, but my personal favorites are Zanzi Hornet and Jakkir Hellfire. When I am managing Zanzi, I almost always feel like I am throwing out my best stuff. Beating 167-617 last fight out confirmed it for me, I don't think that I'll ever manage a fighter that beats other dancers as hands down as he does. I haven't worried about a dancer vs. dancer with him in quite some time. Jakkir Hellfire was my original badboy. I learned alot of slugging techniques with him and although he never challenged for a championship; he spent the majority of his career in the upper ranks making life miserable for other sluggers.

How do you like TBG?
5) TBG has seen outstanding growth in all aspects. I look for it to continue because I look forward to meeting new people and seeing what they are made of!

Whats some advice to give to new pro managers?
6) I harp on this subject a bit...READ!!! What do I mean by read? I mean read the rules backwards and forwards. Read as many upper level fight reports as possible...by the masters. Read over Joe, Joe Byrd, Lawrence, Dangerous Dan, Bold Bill, Black Boots Boris, Crawdad, etc., etc. That is my main piece of advice...the next piece is work with all the possible fighter types you can think of. You may end up with a gem.

What is your favorite fighter type(s)?
7) My favorite type of fighter to manage is the balanced slugger. Balanced sluggers(my definition) is a slugger that is equally good at pounding and flailing. One that when push comes to shove can throw enough punches to win rounds at the end of the fight. These guys are nightmares for stronger sluggers because they just sit back on their heels and punish the stronger guy as he comes for them. I confess that I don't have much in the way of championship hopes for them, but they are fun. If I am talking about championship caliber fighters, then I have to talk about faster dancers. Zanzi Hornet is my premier fighter and that is what he is...with my recent moves and ability changes...he is almost as well equipped to take on sluggers, but he has no fear of any dancing contest.


7) May 25th, 2002

Outstanding Manger

Issue: 1

Welcome to the first issue of the MafiaÃ????s World Outstanding Managers. Our first manager was pretty much a hands down pick for this week.

Black Boots Boris

Black Boots Boris set a new Boxing Game record on May 15, 2002 by having the first ever fighter to win world titles in 5 different divisions!! BBB did this great feat with fighter kaze no tani no Naushika, who is the current lightweight world titleholder.

Kaze has been fighting since February 1, 2000. He competed for the Flyweight World Title October 15, 2001 and defeated BaddogÃ????s Ã????Fast PunchingÃ???? Camacho, who is the current World Strawweight champion. Kaze then unsuccessfully defended his title and lost to Valopolus. Then went on the seesaw for a couple of fights, and then managed to get his second world title in another division. He managed to defend the Bantamweight Title 3 times before dropping down to the flyweight to win another title, and then dropping down again to the Strawweight the next week to go for his 3rd world title in yet another division. He managed to win in a very close majority decision against an Eddy Crown fighter. He then went all the way up to the featherweight division and KOÃ????d the great Kiki Rojas in a non-title match. Then the next week he went at it for the Featherweight World Title, and again won to get his 4th weight division title. He then retired and went on a nice rest for 5 months. He then made a thundering comeback and KOÃ????d newly crowned fighter Lagartijoloco from the Khrog Gym. Now, lets just see if he can raise up the bar to six division world title. I would put my mo