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Our subject today is The Calm Before ................................ Ever since The Calm Before had KO'd Diana Prince the week before he would fight Security, The Calm Before has been 4-5-1 (3/0) But why is he one of the best? Because he won 2 World Titles in that span. Even though he dropped from an amazing 24 status to a 19 rating, he is still up there. He has beaten the almighty Security 5 times from October 12, 2001 to August 4, 2002. Then on August 23, 2002, Security finally took down The Calm Before in a mannerly fashion. (By Decision) Since then he's lost against Freshman, Tyran King, Ciuci. Then finally breaks that horrible streak with a draw, not one of the better outcomes to Sweetpea. Then the following week gets his revenge by knocking out Sweetpea in round 7. But the next week he would lose to Nino jr by what we think should be split decision. Then on the beautiful day of October 11, The Calm Before would defeat Indrid Cold by knockout. If you are interested in The Calm Before, he faces Serge "Dominator" Zvin, a World Title challenger, on October 18. "This is Wayne And Matt saying, PEACE" P.S. If you want us to continue doing this commentary, please notify us.