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by wam

Okay sorry we have no special graphics but this is cool either way Okay Number 1 Fight this week............................................ Heavyweight - 1. Steven Rooks vs. Cate's Monster..........WAM believes that Frank White's Steven Rooks will win. Frank White has more experience and skill. But this should be a good match saying as whoever wins will be the new Heavyweight Champ. 2.Security vs. Henry "The Hammer" Mason > WAM Believes Security Takes home the gold. Security was already a Champion before, and has a higher status. Cruiserweight - 1. John Galt vs. Priscus Attalus > WAM believes it will be close. The World Champion "Priscus Attalus" will be a tough competitor but John Galt, even though he lost to Pavlov Makartini,(who has a 26 rating) Galt did beat Security and he will be about as tough as Priscus Attalus. Light - Heavyweight - TK Thunder vs. Taishi Ci > WAM believes that Taishi will KILL!! Taishi is more of a dancer, (much more agile) and even though TK Thunder has a bigger status, Taishi should probally win. THANK YOU for your time in reading our commentary. We will see you next week on Sunday. "This is Matthew and Wayne saying, PEACE"