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by The Coroner




Read the following very carefully. Your comprehension and interpretational skills will be tested. The better your ability to follow directions, comprehend and interpret (ie. your ability to read between the lines, catch the hints etc.), the higher your CPIP (Cash Prize Income Potential) will be. The basic rules will stay the same throughout the contest. But, BEWARE.....new rules may be added at any time!

THE CORON(ER)ATION is open to all pro managers.(Remember amateurs, you can turn pro for as little as a dollar, and there is still time before the tournament starts.)

The Tournament will commence the week after the conclusion of the NA Cup. I will let you know when to unretire your fighters.

Managers may join the tournament at any time.

This contest will take place in the BANTAMWEIGHT division.

To win the contest, you must have 18 victories. Of those 18 wins, at least 10 of those must be by knockout. And, of those 10 KO's, one must come in the first round and one must come in the second round (clarification: the 1st and 2nd rounds of a fight, not the first and second round of the tournament).

What's in a name? More precisely, what's in your fighters name? The answer is easy........ MY NAME! "The Coroner" must be in your fighters name somewhere (or just plain "Coroner" will do). BE CREATIVE! There will be nothing derogatory about the judges (namely myself and Mrs. Coroner). Any fighter names deemed unacceptable will be DQ'd from the tournament. SO BE NICE!

If your fighter wins a regional title, you must immediately move him/her/it to the World level.

You must keep your fighter in the Bantamweight division.

Keep your fighter in the tournament.

You must post the tournament "icon" on your fighters page. "http://www.boxinggame.com/tbgpros/2680981/horror25d.gif"


The first one to meet the winners criteria (18 wins, at least 10 by KO, 1 KO in the first round and 1 KO in the second round), will be awarded $33.87 (thirty-three dollars and eighty-seven cents).

There will also be a prize given for the most KO's. But, the fighter with the most KO's must also meet the KO criteria (1 in the first and 1 in the second). The KO prize will be in a progressive style. $1.11 for the first KO, increasing by 11 cents for each following KO ($1.22 for the second, $1.33 for the third, etc.). So, it's possible to be the tournament winner, and not the KO winner. If the overall winner is also the KO winner, it will pay an extra $12.02 bonus prize.

There will also be cash prizes awarded for whatever off the wall things I can cook up in my beer soaked brain.

The amount of cash awarded will be staggering! Well, at least for me....I'll be staggering around (from several sharp blows to the head) after Mrs. Coroner finds out just exactly how much cabbage will be doled out over the course of the contest.....

I-mail me your fighters name or you can leave it here if you'd like. I'm not picky. Also, let me know if you have any questions.