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Droppin Bombs 

(by Buffalo Bombers)

Congrats to Bold Bill for bringing in the middleweight crown. Not only does Bill have the world champ, he's also got the top challenger! Kudos, man!

Below, we see Bill giving some special instructions to one of his fighters.


Manager  and Fighter rankings have been updated. 

I'm still waiting for Big Boy to send me his interview with SleepTime. 



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State of the Beast!! 

(by Big Boy)

I would like to welcome all of you to the wonderful world of the US East region. Since I've came back a little over a month ago, I've noticed the power has shifted against our favor. It's time for things to change around here. Hoping to create enough interest in the East for some semi-retired managers to make a comeback and make the East the place to be once again. 

Up n' Comers!

1- Cak Cak 18-7-0 (17/5) managed by Khrog -Light Heavyweight- Standing at 5'3, this slugger has to overcome alot of challenges in the tough Light heavyweight divison. With tough wins over Suxel's "Throttle" and "Billy Bell" fighters, he otherwise has not faced so tough competition. He had a recent loss to Frank Whites 6'9 monster "katovian". He had an 18 INCH height disadvantage! There wasn't much hope in that fight. He has a very tough fight coming up against Frank Whites "Frank's Beast VIII", he has already suffered a KO loss to this   up n'comer. Hopefully he can return the favor. 

2- Bongo Stromboli 12-2 (8/1) managed by Buffalo Bombers -Bantamweight- Bongo is a type of fighter that a slugger hates to be matched up with. He has KO power and enough agility to dance around sluggers. This past tuesday he won a VERY close match with Frank Whites "Judge Mental", which I have a fight coming up against. Wish me luck! He has had easy wins over managers such as ZWIP, West Central Ohio Valley, Young Gun. With a tough fight coming up against a higher rated opponent in Frank Whites "Frank Felon", we'll see if once again if a US East manager can avenge against one of Frankies fighters. 

3- COUNT ON IT 12-3-1 (9/1) managed by SLEEP TIME -Middleweight- Once again another slugger from the US East region, it seems that we love to put a hurting on opponents! Well I know I love to. But anyways, lets get back to COUNT ON IT. He lost his last weeks matchup against ukpete fighter' Damon "Wrath" Volkner in a pretty close decision. I think if SLEEP TIME had to do it again, he would've been alittle more aggressive with his approach. He also had a draw against young guns "Coach Lee", a very tough fighter who has yet to be KO'd. He beat the snozzers out of Mob Boss "Its dark and hell is hot" and put a stall into the fighters career. He looks to be making a name for himself in the Middleweight division. He has a fight coming up against a newcomer JASmith34's "Project I", who is an extreme slugger from the looks of it. I think COUNT ON IT will be giving Project alittle butt-whooping tomorrow. Good luck SLEEP TIME! 

4- Oberon Kazill 17-7-4 (5/3) managed by Khrog -Light Heavyweight- This will be the second Khrog fighter to make the list and also the second Light Heavyweight fighter. What can I say, Khrog is a pretty damn good manager. This will be the only non-slugger fighter to make the list and he seems to have a bright future ahead of him. Oberon is working on a 3 fight win streak, with only Suxels "Billy Bell" that comes to mind. He has had two good fights against Suxels "Throttle" and Duke of Dorkdoms "Wally B. Cleaver" that both resulted in a disappointing draw. Two fights that I'm sure Oberon would love to take back. His list of wins aren't that impressive, but hey, a win is a win in my book. He has a good fight on his hands tomorrow against yet another Frank Whites fighter "Frank Brutal". Frankie is everywhere! Good luck Khrog and show him how you can dance! 

5- Mr Studly 12-4-2 (12/4) managed by BIG BOY -Middleweight- Ok ok I know it's my very own fighter and he isn't all that special! But hey, its my article and I will write about myself! W