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Track the careers of all the Fantasy Footballers here
Did you come here from a fantasy football site? If so, please let me know and I'll include you in this commentary. Originally, a few players came over from Fantasy Insights and the there was a huge influx of guys from Footballguys. Who's next? Fantasy Football Today?
Who's Who?
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Brants House of Pain - FBG Footballguys brant
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CenTex Boxing-FBG Footballguys firecrackerfreakshow
DJ Dozier, FBG Footballguys Bull Dozier
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Full Circle Dojo (FBG) Footballguys bigjay
goblue67 (FBG) Footballguys goblue
Gravity Storm (FBG) Footballguys Gravity Storm
Impetus (FBG) Footballguys Andrew
Joe Cameltoe_FBG Footballguys Crimson Hawk
Kamo FBG Footballguys BigJilm
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malice (FBG)