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by Duke of Dorkdom

Blood Bath 2008

Contest Rules and Scoring


1) Fought in Cruiserweight

2) One fighter per manager

3) Scoring is as stated below

4) Winner is first to 250 points

5) Absolutely no mercy for slappers

6) Fighter must have the word "blood" in name

7) Points are awarded after fight has been won



1 point

win the fight

"grabs a water bottle and rests on his stool"

"remains standing while the trainder wipes him down"

minor cut of eye

bloody nose

bloody lip

2 points

"is slowing down"

"is obviously tired"

cut of eye

swelling of eye

fractured nose

bloody mouth

3 points

"collapses limply onto his stool."

"looks exhausted"

serious cut of eye

broken tooth

4 points

"receives medical attention from his trainer"

"can't remember which corner is his."

gash of eye

swollen shut eye

broken nose

broken jaw



rating over 10(after fight) divided by 10 applied last

KO is 1.5

TKO is 2.0

Early Endings

Early ending is 1st, 2nd or 3rd round KO or TKO only

Early ending is added along with injuries, before multipliers

First round is 10 points

Second round is 7 points

Third round is 5 points

Top 5
Blood Bath 2007

Manager Fighter Points Rating
Alamo Athletic Club David "Would You Like Blood With That" Malone 265.45 15
psmith17 Haima Blood 211.35 11