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Jack Dempsey Tourney

by MasterMind

Jack Dempsey Award

And the Winner is?

Hello Boxing Fans. I will be holding one of the most prestige's awards out there. Yes it is the Jack Dempsey Award. Do you think that you have what it takes to fill in his shoes. Well the only way to find out is to give it a try. We will be holding this contest to all the managers in the US. Jack had a record of 61 Wins (50)KO's with 6 Losses 8 Draws. What a nice record at the Heavyweight Division. (Even though he was a true Light Heavy/Cruiserweight). Come on and sign up for this Great Tourney.

Rules: 1. You must enter the division as a Heavyweight. Click on the Fighter Creation Utility below.

2. You will have 70 Ability points to create your fighter.

3. This is a single elimination tournament.

4. Only the first 16 participants can join. (So hurry and sign up.)

5. The fights will be ran each Saturday until the tournament is over.

6. We will try to start the first fight the 24th of May. So please get your fighter and fight plans in no later than the 22nd of May.

7. Good luck to all the participants.

Prizes: Since this my first Tournament, I will not have prize money. I want to see how this goes first. If everything is a success, then the next time we run this tournament, we will have prize money. :)

Participants: 1. Zombie Killer 5'7 204lbs Barrel Chested

2. Lightnin 6'0 227lbs Barrel Chested

3. Bullitt 6'5 231lbs Barrel Chested

4. Air Force

5. Seng 5'9 231lbs Barrel Chested

6. Kamo FBG 4'11 200lbs Barrel Chested

7. Phoenix the Iron Chef 6'9 272lbs Barrel Chested

8. Sworn Brotherz 6'4 225lbs Barrel Chested

9. Shakespeare, Master of Mediocrity 6'4 242lbs Barrel Chested

10. JBANKS93 6'4 267lbs Barrel Chested

11. Limp Dogg Bizkit_FBG 5'8 248lbs Barrel Chested

12. Duke of Dorkdom 6'9 242lbs Skinny

13. DAD & SON 5'8 218lbs Barrel Chested

14. Times Square 5'2 83lbs Barrel Chested

15. GoBlue67(FBG) 6'2 239lbs Barrel Chested

16. The Iguana 5'10 229lbs Barrel Chested

Fighter Creation Utility

Round 1
Round 1 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals Champion
Zombie Killer Results Lightnin Results Lightnin Results Seng Winner
Bullitt Bullitt
Air Force
Seng Results Seng Results Seng
Kamo FBG
Phoenix the Iron Chef Results Phoenix Iron Chef
Sworn Brotherz
Shakespeare, Master of Mediocrity Results Shakespeare Results Limp Dogg Results GoBlue67
Limp Dogg Bizkit_FBG Results Limp Dogg
Duke of Dorkdom