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by DTG




21/1/04 After 111 fights we have a new CHAMPION!!!!!

21/1/04 Fight Plans for the Final Round are due now. fights will run at 5am

I have created these icons for our finalists to display in their gyms

17/1/04 Round 12 results have been posted.  Final round will run on Wednesday at 5am TBG time.

14/1/04 Round 11 - The 1st round  of the Championship round - results have been posted. 

14/1/04 As pointed out by NKM in Match 100 Smokin Joe had an incorrect height. The fight has been re-run and the result remains the same 

10/1/04 Round 10 results have been posted. 

The Championship Round will commence on Wednesday 14th January at 5am TBG time.

Congratulations to the 6 managers that remain of the 28 that started
Thankyou to the managers that leave us for making this such a competitive tournament

8/1/04 Don't Forget FP's are due by 5am TBG time.

7/1/04 Round 9 results have been posted. round 10 will be run on Saturday 10th January at 5am TBG time

6/1/04 Don't forget Round 9 fights will be run on Wednesday at 5am TBG Time. FP's are due now!

4/1/04 Round 8 fights results have been posted. Round 9 fights will be run on Wednesday at 5am TBG Time

3/1/04 Round 8 fights have been run but there are a few managers I haven't heard from regarding their FP's. i have decided to give them a few hours grace. Anyone that has submitted a FP is welcome to change it until I have posted the results

2/1/04 Round 8 fights will be run on Saturday 3rd January not the Sat 4th as indicated on the schedule page. Could all entrants imail me if they are not going to change their FP so I know there are no managers expecting to send FPs in on the 4th

27/12/03 Round 7 fights and Stage 1 have been completed. 16 managers have been eliminated. 12 managers remain. Thankyou to those who participated and now leave the competition.

Round 8 will be run on Saturday 4th January. There will be no fights on Wednesday 31 december

24/12/03 Round 6 fights have been run.  Round 7 will run on Sat 27th at 5am TBG time.

24/12/03 Just a note that Round 6 will run on the 2