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March 30, 2004
Indicium: Two weeks since my last update. My performance: inconsistent. One week I forgot to submit new fight plans for a few of my fighters. Several awful losses were the result (though I did pull a stunning victory throwing way too many punches and absorbing over 40 injury points....). I'm back on track and back to winning. Currently have two fighters still in the TBG Streak after 4 fights respectively.

Modus: I took the advice provided in the "Letters to the Editor" after my first blog was published. "Don't rely on conditionals." "Keep your fight plans short." Each was good advice, but taken together, they present another option for winning at this game: "Know your opponent." The only way to keep your fight plans short AND to not rely too heavily on conditionals is to "Know your opponent".....

Perceptum: I've retweaked my endurance conditionals and created a little spreadsheet to tailor them to each opponent. After being destroyed by Meadows a few weeks ago when his slugger tripped every one of my score conditionals, I've decided to lighten up on these as well. It's a fairly awful position to find yourself throwing 9/1/10 (outside) while your opponent is doing 5b/10/5 (inside) and the score is even halfway through the fight. (I thought Mentors were supposed to be nice to their proteges!!!!???)

Back to the "Know your opponent." I haven't played long enough to understand the tendencies of each manager I face. NKM and others put stock in this, and for good reason. The same midget slugger I faced in amateurs doesn't act like the midget cruisers Mob Boss has been killing me with. "Know your opponent." When its dancers against sluggers, and you're the dancer, you need to know what you can get away with against this manager or that manager. Does this guy ever throw to the head before round 7? Is his fight plan based on the endurance of MY fighter? Does his fightplan have two lines:
1) 5b/10/5 (clinch)
10) 5h/10/5 (inside)?
Most important question, and really the crux of this idea: How few punches can I throw and still win 7 or 8 rounds?

Till next time, I'd appreciate feedback, and especially, corrections.....