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Help for Newbies!

by Slick Willy

In need of help?

Well, so am I but enough about our psychological well being, I'm here to offer some help to new players, or just really bad players, who are looking to learn how to play the game and, maybe, at some point play it well.

This won't be the prettiest looking commentary, although the light green background does add a subtle ambiance, but it will be full of cold, hard facts. The things you need to know to play The Boxing Game.

I'll be working on this over the coming weeks to hopefully end up with a finished product I can leave as a resource for future years so bear with me as I construct the commentary.
Check the links below for some good info to help you get started.

I've just registered an account, now what the hell do I do?

How do I create a fight plan?

How do I use the sparring partner?

How 'fighter links' can increase your enjoyment of TBG 10-fold!

Riblet's TBG Help (salvaged document)

Slick Willy's Tip of the Week

Here I will endeavour to pass along one golden nugget of knowledge I have gained in my climb to the top of TBG! (OK, near the top).

Tip for week of Nov. 22, 2004
I've just created a link to some salvaged documents from "Riblet's TBG Help" files.
It was one of the greatest self-help files created for our game.
My tip this week is simple. If you're new to the game slick on the link above to read Riblet's salvaged file.

Tip of the Week Archive

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