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February 17, 2005

Vol. 1, 1st Edition, Issue 9:

Cyril O'Reilly Sets Record

- Relinquishes Cruiserweight Crown

On January 28th of this year, Joe Sakic ended one of the longest cruiserweight title reigns in the championship's history when he defeated Cyril O'Reilly. Sakic quickly gave up the crown which opened the door for O'Reilly to recapture the title, one week later. A re-match between the two seemed almost inevitable and in fact, took place last week. Cyril O'Reilly systematically took Joe Sakic apart and successfully defended his newly won crown. In so doing, O'Reilly became the first cruiserweight in TBG history to win 12 (cruiserweight) championship fights.

Other notable fighters who come close to this mark are: VooDoo (11), John Galt (11), Joe Byrd's Paranormal Creature...From Hell! (10) and Frozen Fish Stick (9).

O'Reilly made the announcement earlier this week that he would be relinquishing the title to allow for more title activity in the division. 

Cyril O'Reilly: "Since there are no challengers in sight I'm vacating my belt to create more title activity. I don't know if the scheduler will be able to tag a title fight on such short notice but good luck to whoever follows. If anyone gets within reach of me, I'll probably make a comeback. For now, I'll take a well deserved break."

Well deserved, indeed. As of this writing, Frank White's Franktrix is set to take on Nino's Apollo Creed Jr., for the title on Friday Night's fight card. With the title being decided at such a low rating (16 & 15 respectively), we should see quite a few title fights in the weeks to come. 


Lightnin Strikes Twice

Real Life Meets TBG Returns Under New Management 

When I first began in TBG, back in 2000, one of my favorite regular commentaries was Slick Willy's "Real Life Meets TBG". The commentary takes a comprehensive look at the "Real" people behind the TBG gaming scene. Each issue features a regular manager of the TBG community and gives an inside look into the "real life" interests, personal favorites, pet peeves and other general information.

The commentary has found new life under the management of Lightnin, who I actually had the pleasure of talking to (albeit briefly), early in the week. He requested my help in putting together a commentary archive, which I was all too happy to help him with. The commentary itself, looks great! Lightnin has kept the original questionnaire and added a picture of the manager to the commentary (which is a very nice touch). DTG, what's with the thong, anyways?

In its first week back, two issues were released. The first two issues feature Kenny K.O and DTG (Dave the Great) and can be viewed through commentary #1343 "Real Life Meets TBG". If you haven't already done so, be sure to check it out! It is well worth the read!


TCB Power Rankings

(Greatest Cruiserweight Managers of All-Time)

You've all been introduced to some of the greatest heavyweight fighters and managers this game as ever seen. This week, we drop a few pounds and begin our look at some of the cruiserweights that made their place in TBG history. 

10. Mayhem Incorporated (Austral Asia & South America)

Managed his first cruiserweight to championship victory on April 22, 1999, when the Humungus knocked out Archie "Ol Mongoose" Moore in the third round. Although he lost the title the following week, the Humungus challenged for the title 3 more times (without much success). His greatest success came in managing the Red Right Hand to cruiserweight gold in January 2000. He managed to hold onto the title for well over 2 months, before finally dropping it to Dangerous Dan's Sara Sota. Four title victories in 9 championship bouts is not too shabby.

9. La-may (Europe)

Only last year (2004) made his presence felt in the cruiserweight division, when he managed Clark Kent to an impressive 2 month long title reign. Until then, his only achievement was when he managed Priscus Attalus to the crown twice in 2002. Priscus faced some pretty tough competition in Zanzi Hornet and John Galt, which lead to an early exit from the top spot. Still, 3 title reigns, 6 championship victories in 14 title bouts is more than a lot of managers can boast.

8. Dangerous Dan (U.S. Midwest)

Without a doubt, his greatest accomplishment came in managing Sara So