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The 2004 Haymakers

by Haymaker

The 2004 Haymaker Awards:

Jan. 23 Slick Willy ended up being the big winner in 2004 taking home 4 of the 11 trophies including
manager of the year. Petu v.d Pajm won 2 awards, and the other 5 awards went to Eddy Crown,
la-may, Kenny KO, Bold Bill, and stevethaman.

This is the final update for the 2004 Haymaker awards. I want to thank everyone that participated.


(determined by most wins in 2004)

Cyril 0'Reilly (Slick Willy) 31 Wins
Death on two Legs (suxel) 30 Wins
Chris Nilan (Petu v.d Pajm) 29
Lange Jan (Eddy Crown) 28
Joe Blue (la-may) 27

(most wins by a fighter that started his boxing career before July '03)

Chris Nilan (Petu v.d. Pajm) 29 Wins
Lange Jan (Eddy Crown) 28
Melvin "El Cacciato" Bowie (Fong)14

(most KOs)

Chris Nilan (Petu v.d. Pajm) 25 KOs
Edgar 'Mad Dog' Ross (Slick Willy) 22
Thaksin (Haymaker) 20

(most 1st round KOs)

Craig "Not Val" Kilmer (Kenny KO) 10
Edgar 'Mad Dog' Ross (Slick Willy) 8
Manny 'Pacman' Paquiao(Young Gun) 7

(most unanimous decision wins)

Cyril O'Reilly (Slick Willy) 19
Slim Jimmy (Young Gun) 16
Lange Jan (Eddy Crown) 12

(Most fights in '04 while maintaining a win% >=50%)

Lange Jan (Eddy Crown)46 Fights
Joe Blue (la-may) 39
Thaksin (Haymaker) 31

(Most wins in '04 by a figher that has over 50 fights to start '04)

Fidel Boomhauer (la-may) 23
Cate's Monster (Jagger) 8
Hybrid 11 (Kenny KO) 6

(Most fights without getting KOed in '04)

Cyril O'Reilly (Slick Willy) 34 fights
Capricorn Mounds (Petu v.d Pajm) 27
Naked Dash (DTG) 21

1. Scoring: 4pts for a first place vote, 2 pts for a 2nd, and 1 pt for a 3rd.
2. Must have a rating < 15 as of 1 Jan 05
3. Toughman World title does not count.
4. The top 6 are considered finalists(i.e. they recieve at least 1 vote)

Winner:John Paul II (Bold Bill)
2nd: Fear Factor (Fong)

3rd: April Marjera (Eddy Crown)
4th: Marcellus "Motown Machine" Marsolo (NKM)
5th: Battering Slugger VIII (Big Boy)
6th:Coach Lee (Young Gun)
Michael "Wick Silly" Marsolo (NKM)
Clive 'the Butcher' Manson (Goonsquad)
Unknown Criminal (Corporation)
Dan "Dubious" Marsolo (NKM)

1. 2pt for each award
2. 1pt for each finalist
3. 1pt for each different fighter that was a finalist

Winner: Slick Willy        10 pts
2nd:    Eddy Crown          8 
3rd:    Petu v.d. Pajm      8
4th:    la-may              6
4th:    Young Gun           6
6th:    Kenny KO            5
7th:    Fong                4
8th:    Haymaker            3
8th:    Bold Bill           3

1. Win a world title in 2004
2. Win that would title within 1 year of creating a gym

Winner: stevetheman

Previous Commentary:

Jan. 18 The Haymaker Awards are winding down. Not many changes since my last post, but there were a few. As I suspected, there were some old geysers worthy of praise. Fidel Boomhauer being the most impressive with 23 wins in '04, which is remarkable at his advanced age.

The deadline for finalists of the top prospect award has passed and we have 10 finalists. Now it's time to vote. Send me three names and rank them in order (1st, 2nd, and 3rd). Send votes by I-Mail only.

Finally, manager of the year and rookie manager of the year will also be unveiled next week. So don't be afraid to send me fighters that are only runner-ups. It will all count towards the manager of the year scoring.

Jan. 12 A couple of new front runners have shown up. Craig "Not Val" Kilmer has taken claim to the Mike Tyson Award, boosted by an impressive 4 straight first round KOs earlier this year. As for Knocking people out in any round, Chris Nilan now leads that catergory with 22 KOs. He started 2004 with a bang (pun intended), scoring a KO in 10 of his first 11 fights.

CALLING ALL OLD TIMERS, the Old Geyser award is up for grabs. Eight wins in the entire year is not a lot, so there should be a couple grandpas out there that showed they had something left in the tank in 2004.

We are up to 7 finalist for the top prospect award. I'm looking for 5 more nominees(total of 12) and then I'll open up voting.

Finally, special thanks goes out to Stevethaman for designing the plaques for the eventual Haymaker winners.

Jan. 8 Slick Willy's fighters are r