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by Ramstad (D.E.)



King of Slappers



1. Terry Twinkletoes. Managed by Slick Willy.

Record: 24-0-4 (3/0) Reign 4-time Flyweight Champion of the World. Former 1-time Strawweight Champion of the World.

With an unbeaten record that is very rarely seen, 28 fights so far without a loss and pushed down the gorilla Samurai Slasher from the flyweight throne in May 2004. Only bad thing is that he haven't fought since September wich is bad because we all love to watch him fight, right?

2. CETUS. Managed by Bold Bill

Record: 28-1-2 (5/0) Reign 3-time Middleweight Champion of the World. Former 3-time Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Almost as good record as Twinkletoes with a single loss coming from fellow slapper I Am Candian Jenkins. CETUS feels almost untouchable at the moment after the wins against the gorilla Donald "The Bully" Duck (see Gorilla killa) and Lt Tom "IceMan" Kazanski.

3. Cyril O'Reilly. Managed by Slick Willy

Record: 32-3-1 (6/1) Reign 9-time Cruiserweight Champion of the World.

This man is to become a legend in the Cruiserweight scene. Not many fighters has as many titles as Cyril. And that includes title fights against the gorilla Slugger Clone V4, Zanzi Hornet and Dolph Lundgren. I bet that this fighter has place in the Hall of fame already waiting for him to grow old enough.


Gorilla Killa



For the the first Gorilla Killa award I go back to December 9th. Middleweight Champion CETUS, managed by Bold Bill was challenged by a gorilla called Donald "The Bully" Duck, managed by Fong.

I choosed this fight because it's a great example how to treat sluggers. Both fighters coming out pretty cautious but after a few rounds CETUS starts to feel secure, even laughing at Donald when he hits nothing but air.

Round 7, CETUS has won every round so far but now donald is going for a KO, gorillas often do that when they feel frustrated. Donald nails CETUS and even floor him twice but here is when this turns to a great performance by the Champ.

CETUS backpedals and uses just so much energy that he keep Donald on a safe distance. Instead of a KO victory, Donald finds himself growing tired and the more he tries to catch the dancing Champ, the more tired he gets.

Round 12, Donald is very tired. He breaths heavily and is cut on both eyes and his nose is broken. In desperation he assemble the last of his strength for a one-punch KO. But he has not even the glince of a chance, CETUS lands a hook and Donald falls over, exhausted and beaten.


Speed Booster



The date is December 23rd 2004. Light-heavyweights is making ready for the Christmas break when two top slappers enters the ring. Canuck Be, managed by Frank White but origin from Vibos gym and Vanadium Ved, a former amateur now managed by The Master.

The fight starts as usual pretty slow, the two competitors is trying out their opponent. Ved is floating on the outside while Be is more undecided what to do. In round three Be starts to feint, feeling more secure with his opponent who still wanders around tight to the ropes.

By the end of the 6th round it is still impossible to pick a leader and now Ved is starting to raise the tempo. With a couple of round with increased jab work by Ved, Be answers with a few rounds of aggressive jabs, feinting and still after 11 rounds it is even. Perhaps with a single point lead for Vanadium Ved.

12th round, the ring explodes in a fury of punches. Both fighters throwing in absolutly everything they have left. 197 punches is registred in round 12 alone, 151 of them lands. Canuck is the most successful and takes the last round turning the fight to a draw on all judges cards. What a Christmas thriller...


Rearview Mirror



Joe Byrd is probably most known for his sluggers and powerful creatures in the heavier divisions, but he also managed some of the most successful slappers in the early TBG days.

One of them was Valopolus, a 5 foot 10 strawweight with an incredible ability to stay on his feets. He fought 59 fights without being knocked out, but in his 60th fight the luck ran out and his career ended with his only KO loss.

Valopolus started his career in March 1st 1999 and quickly climbed the ranks. With a record of 21-5-1 (0/0) he got his first titlefight against Jagged wich he won.

His career contained 14 titlefights of wich he won 4. The most remembered fights is the serie of fights he had against the Hall of Famer Mohandas Gandhi. No less then 12 fights between the two and Valopolus won only one of those, but got a draw in 5. Other great names on Valopolus fight record is Roger Rabbit-Punch, Mumh Ra the Everliving, Jet Black McGee and Slava Kozlov.

Valopolous is to be remembered as a brave fighter with a heart larger then most and with fist of deadly precision. In November 19th 2001 his career ended with the only KO loss he ever suffered from, "Slammin" Sammy Weinbaugh was the one to bring down the legendary warrior in a titlefight for the Flyweight title wich Sammy defended. But it is as a Strawweight slapper impossible to put down we will forever remember Valopolus.

Valopolus ended his career with a 38-13-9 (5/1) record.