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Last Man Standing

by The Corporation

It's All Over!

After 9 weeks of competition Lt. Col. Matthew A. Markinson, managed by yours truly, escapes 2 knockdowns in round 12 to move to 8-0. He outlasts a string of fighters managed by Duke of Dorkdom who emerged as the early favorite ending the contest with an impressive combined 23-5-1 record. Markinson will be crowned as the inaugural Last Man Standing, and as the runner-up in a situation where a Corporation fighter is the Last Man Standing, No Name III earns Duke of Dorkdom a consolation prize equal to 1-half of his best fighters status. Since his status is 8 he will receive a $4.00 prize, and hopefully is well on his way to a World Title.

Nice job Duke, keep up the good work.

Once I find a way, and the time, to get this page cleaned up a bit I will begin taking registrations for the next run. I will be busy in the next couple weeks getting all the info I need for the C.I.T. invitations, and will also be sending out a questionaire to all participants of the inaugural Last Man Standing to get some input on what can be done to make it better.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those managers who followed along.

Here is an icon you can add to your fighters description if you would like. It is optional, not mandatory. Thanks goes out to stevethaman for volunteering his time to create it.

I know we have a lot of tournaments and contests in TBG, but very few of them actually reward you for successfully managing a viable contender.

Many tournaments like the CIT, SnB, and World Cup do not actually involve active fighters in the TBG playing field, and other contests like Knockout Kings/King of the Hill and Heavy Survivor have stipulations to focus on that make it difficult to win the tournament and properly manage your fighter into World Title contention.

I don't remember who the original host was, but the first tournament I ever entered was a Last Man Standing tournament that I will now adopt and revive.

Last Man Standing challenges you to maintain a winning streak for as long as possible, and potentially win some gym credits while doing so.

The format is as follows...

Each participating manager is permitted to enter up to 5 fighters with a 0-0-0 record. The only restriction to this rule is that you may not enter more than one fighter per resolve day with the exception of Saturday(sorry no toughman fighters please). What this means is that you can not have 2 fighters from the same weightclass, nor can you have 2 fighters fighting on the same day of the week ie. a strawweight and a flyweight. If your fighter gains/loses a significant amount of weight over his undefeated career you will be permitted to change weightclasses as long as you remain in the "one fight per day" guidelines. So if you are a Lightheavyweight and want to drop down to Middleweight you are fine, but if you want to move up to Cruiserweight you may not do so unless your friday fighter has been eliminated. All fighters will start with one "fight-dodge" which means that if you see a bad matchup coming then you can retire your fighter for one week, or start one week later. The idea here is to develop great fighters and sometimes we have to dodge bad matchups along the way. If your fighter is active, but does not get scheduled for a fight then you have the week off with no penalty. Once a fighter suffers a loss he is eliminated from the contest. If you suffer a draw you will not be eliminated, but the fight result will not count towards your prize total if you are the Last Man Standing. The tournament will continue until there is only one undefeated fighter and that manager will be crowned "The Last Man Standing".

The winner will be the last undefeated fighter standing, and in the event that the contest ends with multiple fighters all being eliminated in the same week, then the tie-breaker goes to the fighter that reaches the highest status in his undefeated streak. There will be a prize awarded to the Last Man Standing. The prize will be TBG credits transferred from my account to yours in the amount of your fighters status at his first loss. So if you go 13-0-2 before losing you will receive $13.00 in TBG gym credits. I will also be competing, and if I happen to win I will reward the runner up with credits equal to 50% of his fighter status at the time of his first loss. If your registered fighter goes undefeated and wins a World Title the prize will be double your rating after your title victory.

I am hoping to keep this an ongoing contest which means when the first one ends another will begin a month later. I will keep archives, and a section for a Last Man Standing Hall of Fame.

I plan on taking fighter submissions for the next few weeks and have the first fighters start Monday Feb. 28, or even a week earlier if we have a good enough turnout.

Remember, if you do make a new fighter and want him to participate then you will need to keep him retired as he must be 0-0-0 to start the tournament.

Good luck to everyone!

Lets get some fighter submissions.

Heavyweight Fighters
Fighter Name Manager Record Status Dodge Available
3-1-0 (1/0)
1-1-0 (0/0)