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The Amateur Alert

by stevethaman

The Amateur Alert
February 25, 2005
Volume 1 Issue 2

Welcome to the Amateur Alert! A look into TBG's tomorrow. The future of TBG and the guys who will eventually be kicking our butts. Often times, we are caught off guard by an amateur turning pro that storms right onto the scene. The purpose of this commentary is to bring some of the amateurs that show great promise some encouragment to join the pro ranks and to give the pros a chance to see what kind of talent is hiding behind the amateur curtain. One of these guys could be the future manager of the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

This list of amateurs is not listed in any particular rank or order.

Keet-Our last issue, I was really high on this guy. I still am but he's only managing one fighter at the moment. His record is still very impressive at 25-3. Yeah you heard right, 25-3! I think he only lost one match since our last issue. His active fighter, WuSong The Hairy Monk, is at a very impressive 5-0. More notable, his retired Flyweight is 7-0. Perhaps Keet is saving his fighters for a pro turn? Let's hope so. This guy's solid!

Legenda-I can't wait until this guy turns pro. If he doesn't turn pro I'll be really disappointed because this guy is a great overall manager, including my beloved Toughman division! His Toughman, Dr. Voland, is the current Amateur Regional Champion and is undefeated at 7-0. His overall record at 29-8 is also something to be impressed about. He has a very solid Welterweight in Kochley is at 6-1 with 5 knockouts. A very dangerous Amateur indeed.

YIliBiSi0-I hope this guy turns pro just so I don't have to type his name again. (Just kidding) This new Amateur just missed out on making our last issue but earns his spot this issue with a nice 25-15 record. He manages a solid stable including the undefeated Pier "LucBonecrusher" Trembley in the Lightweight division at 5-0. He's reaching the point where Amateurs start winning and learning better and face a lot of pros, which can only help him improve.

togakure_ninjutsu-This guy is still going and is still winning. A very seasoned Amateur who could be ready for a pro turn anytime now! He won his first Regional Title in the Middleweight division just recently and continues to improve. His overall record stands at a solid 62-42. He has an impressive Heavyweight in "Big Daddy Daniels" who stands at 6-1 with all 6 of his wins coming off knockouts.

ViperGym-I just missed out on reporting ViperGym's undefeated Lightweight Sweet Pea Whitaker P., but he's still impressive enough to talk about. Sweet Pea stands now at 6-1 and is the current Lightweight Regional Champion. At time of print, this guy is set to take on fellow member of the Amateur Alert YIliBiSi0 for the Amateur Lightweight Champion against YIliBiSi0's undefeated Lightweight fighter(refer to YIliBiSi0's article). ViperGym's overall record stands at 27-12 and is a tough fight if you ever face him. Trust me!

Kanybal-I just escaped getting my butt whooped by this guy today! He's a very tough Amateur manager and has got some promising skills with managing sluggers. He's got a rock solid Lightweight Fighter in Jamy Kanybal who has a 7-2 record with 7 knockouts. As a matter of fact, of Kanybal's 18 wins, 15 of them are from knockouts. Look out!

Charsuibo-Normally when I see one of this guy's fighters I get a little hungry. At this Amateur's gym, you'll find the likes of Cheeseburger, who is quarter pounding everyone he meets with a record of 4-0. You'll also find Wanton Noodle (whom I struggled to give his only loss last week at 3-1, and The Little Potato (a kiddy favorite) at 2-1. His overall record is at a steady 13-5 and shows a lot of promise in his young career.

Kid Shevlin-This guy is just now starting his career here at TBG but he is currently undefeated at 6-0. Not very many Amateur managers have been able to come in here, open up a full Amateur stable of 5 managers and win every debut match and then some. Shevlin is a very promising Amateur and we'll certainly keep an eye on him for next week.

Big Hambone-Last issue, this guy was 4-0. A very young career, but as we knew, was a very promising Amateur. Hambone has almost quadrupled his win total to 14 and now has 3 very close losses. He has already been up against the likes of Jagger in the Toughman division and is gaining experience everyday with the help of all the pros. And of course, Hambone represents my beloved U.S. South!

WorseCaseScenario-WorseCaseScenario has been in a bit of a slump since this last issue, but then again, he's been fighting against several of the pros, including myself. This was another amateur that gave me a scare. Look for this manager to bounce back and rebuild using the experience he picked up from his flurry of Pro/Am Fights.

Amateur Alert's Prodigies
Former Featured Amateurs Who Have Turned Pro

That's going to do it for this edition of Amateur Alert! If you're an Amateur and you were not mentioned this issue, don't give up! You could be here next time. If you were mentioned, then don't get a big head. If you really want to impress the pros, become a pro yourself. Trust me, it will be a lot of fun.