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The Boxing News
SnB edition

Playoff Preview
> Minnesota at Dallas The Corporation brings his Minnesota Vikings into Dallas, Texas to do battle against The Iguana. Dallas gets the extra AP for homefield advantage, and it looks like he�???�??�?�¢??ll need it. These two squared off the very first week of the season. Minnesota won by a foul in the 11th round, and had a large lead on all cards while both fighters were in similar condition. However, Minnesota (+6 S-A) was the home team in that fight. With the extra AP, Dallas (+11 S-A) has a chance to make it interesting. Minnesota has gone 6-2 against sluggers this season, while Dallas went 4-3 against similar teams. -yg Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers Not even one hour has elapsed, then the tickets for the NFC Playoff match between the 49ers and the Chicago Bears, to take place on May 30, were completely sold out. As the winner of the NFC West division the 49ers are having homefield advantage. The Bears moved into the playoffs by wildcard as No. 3 placed team in the NFC North, the by far strongest division of the regular season. It is the meetings of two similary hard punching sluggers who together have landed 17 KOs out of total 22 wins. One of these KOs was scored by the Bears in week 8 of the season, when the playoff rivals still were fighting for divisional rankings. Not only will the 49ers,leaded by grandmaster nino, try everything to redeem the preliminary round defeat, as the playoff host they seem to be in a position of the slightly favorite. But: They will face a highly motivated Bears team who currently are on a streak of 5 consecutive wins and captained by the defending champion and living legend Slick Willy. Leading a slugger to the playoffs against really strong competitors requires exceptionally skills which both managers have in common. If the teams are able to perform their best game we will see a great fight full of action. Let's look forward to it. Good luck to the teams, good luck to the managers. -Suxel Playoff Match-ups
> AFC 1Pittsburgh = first round bye, homefield throughout the playoffs 2New England = first round bye 6Baltimore @ 3Kansas City 5Denver @ 4Houston NFC 1Green Bay= first round bye, homefield throughout the playoffs 2Tampa Bay= first round bye 6Chicago @ 3San Francisco 5Minnesota @ 4Dallas

Final Standings

1.  z-Pittsburgh   (Young Gun)       12-4     
2.  y-New England  (suxel)           11-3-2   
3.  y-Kansas City  (NKM)             11-4-1
4.  y-Houston      (Kenny K.O.)      9-7    
5.  x-Denver       (Haymaker)        11-5
6.  x-Baltimore    (Eddy Crown)      10-5-1 
7.  Bills          (Dazmataz)        9-5-2   
8.  Tennesee       (Lamont Jenkins)  9-7
9.  Indy           (lightnin)        8-8     
10. Jets           (Jagger)          7-9
11. Cincy          (Emp)             6-10     
12. San Diego      (Kindred)         5-11     
13. Jacksonville   (The Master)      4-11-1   
14. Oakland        (Frank White)     3-13     
15. Miami          (Smokin Joe)      2-14    
16. Cleveland      (WCOA)            1-15    

z-AFC Regular Season Champion
y-Division Champion
x-Wild Card

Playoff Tie-breakers:

Pittsburgh and New England for homefield advantage

1.  Head-to-head:  Pittsburgh won in week 8

Pittsburgh wins the tie-braker

Tennesee and Houston for division title

1.  Head-to-head:  Tennesee won in week 6
                   Houston won in week 12

2.  Divsion record:  Tennessee_4-2   Houston_4-2

3.  Common Games:  Tennessee_7-7   Houston_8-6

Houston wins the tie-breaker

Final Standings

1.  z-Green Bay    (Fong)          12-2-2   
2.  y-Tampa Bay    (Stretch)       11-5       
3.  y-San Fran     (nino)          10-5-1    
4.  y-Dallas       (Iguana)        9-7      
5.  x-Minnesota    (Corporation)   12-3-1      
6.  x-Chicago      (Slick Willy)   12-4      
7.  Atlanta        (Balrog)        10-5-1    
8.  Seattle        (DoD)           8-7-1    
9.  Carolina       (Weaver)        7-6-3
10. Giants         (DTG)           7-8-1    
11. Arizona        (Bectel)        7-8-1
12. Philly         (Stevethaman)   7-9
13. Washington     (Coroner)       6-10       
14. New Orleans    (Jude)          4-12     
15. Detroit        (Savage)        4-12      
16. St. Louis      (Big Boy)       3-13    

z-NFC Regular Season Champion
y-Division Champion
x-Wild Card