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  [ 2006.02.20 ~ News ]
The next loser's bracket fight results posted (view from Contestants page, if you don't want to know who wins!):
  • Fight L9 : The Small Gym On The Corner vs juzzi81
  • Fight L10 : bad boy bubby vs stevethaman

[ 2006.02.05 ~ News ]
Fight results posted (view from Contestants page, if you don't want to know who wins!):
  • Fight W13 : The Iguana vs The_Savage_1
  • Fight W14 : The Corporation vs ukpete
  • Fight L6 : tony vs juzzi81
  • Fight L8 : stevethaman vs jonnydog
Some close fights, and some not so close... but all good! Two more contestants are now eliminated, and only two remain undefeated!

[ 2006.02.04 ~ News ]
Updated a number of pages, including adjusting the Prize money to be payable via PayPal. I'm hoping to begin running and posting fights as early as today!

[ 2006.02.01 ~ News ]
I got most of the tournament site back up. I'll be updating most of the pages in the next few days. We will definitely have a LCT 5 Champion!.

[ 2005.05.29 ~ News ]
Loser's Bracket fights L5 (Lightnin vs The Small Gym On The Corner) and L7 (bad boy bubby vs eli bbear) are now up!

Remember, if you do not wish to know the result prior to reading the bout, to use the link on the Contestants page to view the fight.

[ 2005.05.29 ~ News ]
Winner's Bracket fights W9 (stevethaman vs The Iguana) and W11 (The Corporation vs tony) are now up!

[ 2005.05.14 ~ News ]
Loser's Bracket L3 fight (The Weaver vs eli bbear) is now up!

[ 2005.05.06 ~ News ]
Loser's Bracket L2 fight (juzz81 vs Haymaker) is now up!

[ 2005.05.05 ~ News ]
More fight results posted. I also added links to the fight reports within the brackets page.

I will be posting more fights this evening, each as I get them done. Oh, and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

[ 2005.05.03 ~ News ]
Finished up Winner's bracket round 1... some great fights! I have begun running round 1 of the Loser's bracket and will post them either later today or tomorrow. Also, look for round 2 results of the winner's bracket to start showing up as well.

Best of luck to all the contestants!

[ 2005.05.01 ~ News ]
I'm beginning to post the fights I have resolved. Currently if you wish to read the fight without knowing the result, a link to the fight report is in the Contestants page. For now, I will delay posting the Brackets by a day or two, but eventually will update the brackets at the same time I post the fight results.

[ 2005.04.25 ~ News ]
Posted Contestant and Fighter entries... some fighter builds are simply amazing... and more sluggers in the LCT than ever before... the last LCT had two sluggers vs two dancers in the final four, and the dancers prevailed to battle for the LCT Championship... but is this the year of the Slugger?!?!

Also finally got the double-elimination brackets up (Thanks to The Iguana for his NPI brackets as a template). If you are wondering how the LCT decides the seeding, it is based on two things only, previous LCT winner(s) (if any are participating) and then by manager ID (which basically is seniority based, the longer you've played the game, the higher your seed). Probably the only tournament to use seeding, that doesn't really take into account TBG management accomplishments in the game.

I've run a couple fights, but haven't formatted them or posted them yet, will try to get them up early this week, with the first round of the losers bracket to follow within a day or two. I'm initially going to post the fights on the contestants page, but I may eventually add the links to the brackets page as well. --SAS

[ 2005.04.12 ~ News ]
I'm still having problems with my web site, but we won't let it slow us down.

I'll try to get the tournament web site up this week, post the brackets, and begin resolving the first round by this weekend. Earlier if possible.

Let's get it on!!!

[ 2005.03.27 ~ News ]
Welcome to the LCT Tournament commentary.


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