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TBG Get-Togethers

by The Corporation

TBG Get-Toghether 2002

Special thanks to Smokin Joe for re-sending me some old pics of a little get-together we had in my hometown in 2002. Fastshawn and his family were in town, and SJ lives not to far off, and even though he had been camping for the weekend with his family, he decided to head back to Abbotsford for an afternoon to join us at a local pub. SJ was the one with the camera so there were a lot of shots of the rest of us and no solo shots of the former Chairman.

After I get back from holidays in 2 weeks, I'll do what I can to clean this site up a bit and make it a bit more pleasant to look at, but for now I am only going to add the pics for your viewing pleasure.

Bad digital pic of Corp

Much better pic of Corp

Very Blue pic of Fastshawn's son and former TBG'er Crazy Cougar

Crazy Cougar making a face, not sure what the incentive was


Another pic of Fastshawn

One last pic of Corp before he drives off into the sunset!

From left to Right...
The Corporation, Smokin Joe, Crazy Cougar, Fastshawn

Here's a couple more group shots!

Group shot 1

Group shot 2

Group shot 3

TBG Get-Toghether 2005

Okay...finally the wait is over. I have to apologize for a couple of the pics. I am not a photographer and do not own a camera. My pics were taken with one-time use disposables(thanks Tom), and some were taken with my phone and I haven't quite figured it out yet so a couple are a bit small.

Day 1 I got a couple shots of the view from my hotel room with my cellular phone.

Swimming Pool at Holiday Inn

View of the Otonabee River

This is also the day that we went to the zoo...again with the cel phone.

Slick Willy and daughter Sarah at the zoo.

Day 2 we hopped on a riverboat and took a tour through the locks including a famous liftlock.

Fountain on the lake.

1st lock filling with water

approaching the liftlock

Inside the liftlock

view of river from top of the liftlock

Unfortunately my pics of the birthday bash at Pizza Hut didn't turn out too well. If you guys want to see them anyway let me know and I'll add them.

Day 3 I seperated from the group to drive to Ottawa/Hull to visit a highschool friend. Can you imagine this tiny girl at 95 pounds soaking wet giving birth to an 11 pound baby!

My friend Don and his family from their apartment in Hull overlooking Ottawa

Parliament building in Ottawa

Day 4 I drove back to Peterborough to pick up the guys for a trip into Toronto to take in a Blue Jays game.

Rogers Centre home of the Blue Jays plus the base of the CN Tower

Inside Rogers Centre(formerly SkyDome)

Air Canada Centre home of the Maple Leafs

The CN Tower

Day 5 we returned to Toronto to catch a football game.

Montreal scores a touchdown

and yes we had a great view of the cheerleaders

Day 6 The moment of truth...the BBQ. This is where I took all my pics of the gang.

The Coroner graces us with a guitar solo

Slick Willy(left) and Lamont Jenkins play along

Aaron plays Dust in the Wind on a Strat

Idaho Tom says "Peace brutha!"

Slick Willy, Flexfreak, and Slick's wife Sue

Flexfreak's wife Trish and son Aiden

Slick Willy, Sarah, and uncle Flexfreak

The Coroner and Slick jam to an original tune composed by Slick Willy

Idaho Chong gives us his best Hendrix pose without lighting the guitar on fire.

Aaron cooks us all a nice steak dinner.

Lamont Jenkins and his friend play us one of their tunes.

Aaron sings a song to his wife over the phone while Lamont plays along.

Flexfreak warms up for the Fight Night tournament on X-box

Darth Jenkins has a lightsaber duel with Jedi Master Sarah

Return Airfare from Abbotsford to Toronto and back...$500

One Week stay at the luxurious Holiday Inn...$1,000

One Weeks rental of a kick-ass 2005 Pacifica...$900(including insurance of course)

A group shot of the TBG crew with Aarons gut sticking out...Priceless!

(From left to Right) The Corporation, Lamont Jenkins, The Coroner, Aaron, Idaho Tom(Chong), Slick Willy, and Flexfreak.

Back by popular demand...the pic of me and Ashley from the night I got home. I took them down because they didn't really have anything to do with the get-together, but hey, if I'm getting requests...

The Corp and Ashley