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The Whippersnapper Contest

by Dodgeball

Joe Byrd and his fighter The Whippersnapper made one of the most impressive accomplishments I have seen during my playing time at TBG. The Whippersnapper became the first and to my knowledge the only fighter to win a fight in every division including Toughman. In honor of this accomplishment I will be running a contest to challenge all mangers to repeat this. I am sure this will take a long time but I will keep it updated and commentaries on key fights. You can enter as many fighters as you like and you can win the fights in any division order. Please include the name Joe Byrd, Whipper, or Snapper in the name of your fighter. Your fighters first fight can not take place before 17 Oct 2005. If someone can come up with an icon that would be great. More to come.