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TBG COY Award '06

by Alamo Athletic Club

First Annual Award

First Annual Award

An Alamo Athletic Club Presentation

Updated: 2007-04-03

Current Total Prize Level: $25
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Welcome to the First Annual TBG Commentary Of The Year Award

Winner Nominations Rules Contribute Blog Contact

1st Place: $25
Check out UKPETE'S latest issue of his award-winning commentary, In The Middle, right HERE!

Congratulations to UKPETE, author of "In The Middle"
With the most votes for TBG Commentary of the Year - 2006, you get the $25 prize!
(Now how about doing an update to your award-winning commentary!!!)

Also... if anyone of our fine managers is interested in making a custom banner for him for this award, let me know. It would be a donated service of course.

 Accceptance  Speech

 4-4-07, 4:25AM, England Time (yes, he's awake!)

*clears throat*

Thanks to all who read, passed comment on, contributed to and voted for TBGs favourite commentary. Without you guys I couldn't have taken this $25 prize and spent it on beer. ITM may return if you all behave and stop having slapfests at high ratings in middleweights :)

What they're saying...
COY Forum

"Just give it to In The Middle now. It has class, great writing, articles that are great and it has that lastability that no other comm has come close to matching." - jonp

"Tend to agree... give my money to ITM." - Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo

"NKM & BUM ...and a few other guys have great Commentaries also. I really appretiate the guys that are putting in the effort w/ these great new comm's these days. NKm seems to have been leading the pack in revatlizing the new wave of comm's." - Frank White

Best Overall Commentary - Nominations:

In The Middle - by ukpete
"A weekly look at TBG's Middleweight division."

The Fly Paper - by Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo
"Your TBG Flyweight News.
Welcome to THE source for TBG Flyweight News!"

Bantam Weekly - by
"Featuring the World's Bantamweight scene and reviews"

Welter World Weekly - by J.Aaron Hall

ToolsToolsTools - by Emp

Lights Out!!!! - by Smithers
"Featuring the happenings within the Lightweight division."

Received one nomination - need one more to make ballot:

Grudge Fight - by Fong

$$$ Prize Contributions $$$

$25 - Alamo Athletic Club (guaranteed prize - 1st place)

THANK YOU to the following TBG managers!!!

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