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You Called For It!

by Terminator Ty

All of the fight reports are updated. All 12 of them. And only 2 full weeks late. Enjoy Memorial Day. God bless all those serving the U.S.A. today and everyday. Actually God bless the world. I don't discriminate. Whatever you believe, be nice to your brothers and sisters. Except in Big Dawg Boxing, then you try to smack em around. TTy 5-31-10.

More drama coming with Vinny LaPasta and his offshoot organization, The Vinny LaPasta Boxing Buffet (VLBB). Stay tuned for that. No invites due to hectic schedule for May 15, 2010. However, Vinny did come up with a 12-fight card with assistance from Jacob "The Jammer" (6 years old) and Nicholas "The Hammer" (3). Those two numb nuts have determined that it is better if their father does not embarrass himself by losing fights on the "special commentary card." The other gym managers have already worked out these fights via Vinny, and we hope you enjoy. Thank you.

Fans call the match-ups. The managers make it happen. Terminator Ty offers his "thoughtful insight" into a preview and the post-fight wrap-up. Guest managers will make appearances as analysts, and the managers involved are offered a chance to respond.

Issue 3 - You Called For It! Magazine

We'll feature fights the fans want to see. We're essentially calling out the managers to make these fights happen. May 31, 2010 9:29 AM

There's no intent for certain fighters or managers to get picked on or have their fighters careers ended tragically early. I wish for input (via imail or commentary) on interesting fights, your fun quotes (or else I take liberty to make up everything on my own) or any other feedback. Soon, I would like to include a weekly "Fighter Feature" focused on 1 fighter, who is successful and has an active personality in press. At the current time that would be VERY FEW fighters. I also intend to do a Bi-Weekly or Monthly manager feature. It should focus on the managers gym philosophy, top game moments and a bit from the "real world" or non-Big Dawg Boxing world. If anybody wants to be included (old managers or ESPECIALLY new blood), just send me an i-mail, so we can get you involved. I'm going to try to send i-mails to everybody to get these fights done before Friday each week. That way everybody can concentrate on title fights, and I can try to crank out something fun and new for the upcoming week.


The Vinny Lapasta Boxing Buffet is off-and-running again. After a one-week hiatus, the VLBB is back with a 12-fight smorgasboard featuring some of the best fighters of the present era, as well as some upstarts from new gyms. Vinny has promised to make it better than ever (hell, it's only the third edition), but I'm more than a little behind, so I skipped the previews.


BP's Jair successfully defended his title with a close, but unanimous decision (114-111, 113-112, 114-112) victory over DoD's Anthony Bradwell in a show-stopper of a finale at the Vinny LaPasta Boxing Buffett from The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nev. Jair improved to 20-2-0 (14/2), including a perfect 5-0 in world title bouts. Bradwell dropped to 22-8-0 (19/2).

The bout lived up to its billing, although that was in question after a week of fanny-kissing between the two managers in the press.

"I think you are really great," BP said about Bradwell.

"I think you and your manager are great also," DoD said. "And you are both really cute too."

Thankfully the two got right down to business in the fight. Bradwell launched a surprise all-out assault in the first round, flooring Jair two times. The tactic worked to give Bradwell a 10-7 win of the round, but it also left him with an endurance disadvantage and a broken tooth, which was likely a large factor in the fight. Both fighters remained conservative, with neither raising the punch count very high, likely in respect of the power that each possessed. The fifth round proved pivotal, as Bradwell lost a point for fighting dirty. It seems unlikely that DoD intentionally used the (!) as he threw only 7 punches in the round. It's also unknown if the 10-8 round had any effect on conditionals that may have kicked in (for either manager), but at least 1 judge would have otherwise had the fight a draw.

Overall, it was a very good, very close fight. It would appear that each fighter left bruised, but not broken too badly. Jair has not lost since November 30, 2009. He'll be tested again this weekend, as Bradwell has bounced back to win consecutive fights to forge a rematch.


Some have argued that "Toughman" isn't true boxing. Well, suffice it to say that Vinny LaPasta is NOT a boxing purist.

"Hey screw it," LaPasta nearly taunted the reporter. "These guys are premier athletes too. Tough guys. Sluggers. Bombers. Spirited fighters. Not to mention that I can make an extra $4.99 on each pay-per-view by adding this fight to the card."

At 6 feet, 6 inches and 300 pounds, few would describe Coroner's Slim Sissy as either "Slim", "Sissy" or "A Body Built As A Shrine To Proper Health". He has been a tough dude for a long time, and he improved to 48-34-10 (25/18)with a 4th round KO of ZWIP's Saucy Scotsman. It was a successful title defense for Coroner, who took the title a week prior with a decision over Kenny KO's Soda Popinsky.

"I pity the fool who calls my fighter a sissy," Coroner said. "Well, except for that is his name. "I actually am going to rename him Bingo Bongo. No particular reason. I just had a dog named Bingo once. Well, no I didn't. That was just the kiddie song. But actually, I did beat on Saucy Scotsman's big melon like it was a bongo. That's close enough."

It was a disheartening return to action for Saucy Scotsman. Inactive since September 2002, he had hoped for a return to prominence thanks in part to a hand up from his manager, ZWIP. One of the prominent bad asses of the U.S. Midwest, ZWIP didn't realize he had such a project on his hands when he rescued Scotsman from the brutal management of Frank White so long ago. A week after buying the contract of Scotsman, ZWIP lost the fighter. Only recently did he find Scotsman in a back alley in Vegas, devouring half-eaten chicken fingers discarded by one Vinny LaPasta.

"Some might not remember back in 2002-03 when fighters were being sold in the free agent market with their status/rating in tact but given a clean record," ZWIP said. "I bought Scotsman in an effort to give him a fresh start. Then, he was gone. At that point, the game was dominated by tall, tall dancers or shorty, short sluggers, so I didn't worry about him. After 8 years he is ready to go to battle. It's a shame Vinny put this card in Vegas. We could have fought in a quiet Chicago suburb or something. Instead, I have to try to convert the poor drunken Scotsman (who can blame him, he was inactive for a long time) in VEGAS of all places. At least he has good taste in women, so I know which local pubs he's hanging out at. This loss was to a legend, so there is no shame."

The fight itself went as Coroner would have drawn it up. Sissy (I mean Bingo Bongo) lost the first 2 rounds, but scored a knockdown in the third, which tied the score at 28-28. That kept Scotsman from being able to run in the final round, and Sissy went for the kill.


On many a fight card, BP's Yes Mark Daddy I Made It would receive top billing. Especially, when the undefeated slugger is facing a member of his mentor, Demise's, gym. But this is the VLBB. Only the best make the cut, much like Vinny's beef. And if you can't get the best, then you schedule a 2nd or even a 3rd regional title bout, and slap in onto the Buffett to compete with Big Dawg's own regional championship. Vinny is truly a genius in that regard.

Back to the fight where Yes Mark Daddy I Made It stayed perfect at 11-0-0 (11/0) with a first-round Allout that caught Nick Cole off balance and ended the fight in the initial session. Cole fell to 14-5-1 (13/2), but has since rebounded with a KO of T.Ty's slapper "Undercover" Adam Bennett.

"It's fun taking risks sometimes," BP said. "I have a lot of respect for Demise. He mentored me and knowing that Ty among others wanted to see me taking him on, well, it just feels good."

It was a daring move and a well-calculated play by BP, who has made his mark with a more conservative (if equally well-crafted) slugging fight plan. Demise is much less active these days, but still willing to bring out some of his best fighters when Vinny called.

"Hey, when Vinny calls, everybody at least listens," Demise said. "Nobody does a buffett or hot women, like Vinny LaPasta. However, the fight purse was a little less than expected. Vinny is free and easy with the lasagna, but pretty damn tight with the canoles."


There was no particular build-up for this fight, but it wasn't really needed either. 1- Two outstanding fighters. 2 - Young fighters. 3 - Great, respected managers. Psmith's Amaechi Igwe 21-3-0 (14/1) moved up another notch with a vicious 3rd-round KO of DoD's Serge Gainsbourg 18