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The Inaugural "Big Bang" Top Manager Tournament

by Terminator Ty

UPDATE - 8.4.10

Tournament has been called off. I apologize. I have kept my word regarding paying out the $30 in gym credits. I regret that the tournament failed, but I hope you all know I appreciate your participation. I was hoping to contribute "something extra" to the game this summer, but it just didn't pan out. Please stay tuned, as Big Boy Inc. and I hope to put together something for this Fall. Thanks again. T.Ty

I'm trying to decide what to do with the tourney. I was given $20 to use for the bounties. I promised $10 of my own funds. All that is available and will be dished out in some form or another.However, I think I'm ready to close the tournament and conc

Aug 04, 2010 7:47 AM

Tournament cancelled. I was given $20 to use for the bounties. I promised $10 of my own funds. All that has been dished out with only 2 exceptions, and I will take care of that pretty easily.

Conceding that the tournament failed sucks, but here is how I closed the deal.

These 8 gyms either lost in the tourney outright or have now left the game:

Finnister (lost and left game?) Dub (lost and leaving game, but i'll buy him two freak fighters if he'll stay) KKO (lost) Ty (lost) ck6string (was going to win by forfeit, but left game?) Lawtons11 (lost) YinYang (was going to win by forfeit, but left game?) Jedi Jay (lost)

That leaves 8 gyms: BP (PAID $)

Big Beer (PAID $)


Big Boy ($ recycled toward new tourney - per his wish)

Cheez (agreed and will get a few beers if we ever meet)

EC (as of 8.4.10 have not heard back .... will handle easily enough)

DoD (agreed)

Bectel (PAID $)

I paid out $5 to each gym, excluding DoD and Cheez, as I think neither of them needs the $5 in credit. If I am wrong gentlemen (I use that term loosely), then I apologize.

Now then, of course, I issued a challenge with that $5. It is yours to keep for the other guys. No conditions. However, I have been one to throw out "fight picking accusations" and I've been called a "picker" myself. So do what you want to with the $, but if you all agree (including DoD and Cheez), then I will pay out as discussed. Then, I will spend my last remaining $5 on 5 new fighters. I will run them as (Reggie "52 Weeks" Jackson) or whatever baloney name. As DoD did previously, I will keep those five fighters active for 52 weeks. I will fight all comers, moving weight class only if the training requires me to do so. I recognize BP, Cheez and others may be taking a break from the game right now, but maybe when life settles down for them in 6 months (or 18 years), they will see it fit to take the challenge.

Thanks again.

Terminator Ty