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Heavy T and The Big Boys - Regional Reports

by Terminator Ty

8.17.10 - Update - The regional title fights scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 14, are delayed as Admin and Vinny LaPasta are out of town on a fishing expedition. Admin brought his kids. Vinny brought the booze and strippers.

All of the commentary is updated. We have only two regional heavyweight title fights this week. However, I added brief recaps of the most recent title fights in each division.

This "section" of the commentary is provided to focus on the regional champions of the heavyweight division.

Commentary on hold.

Jan 09, 2011 3:33 PM

Letting this commentary lapse as of January 8, 2011.

I've simply got too many irons in the BDB fire at this time. Please read the commentaries, "As The Terminator Turns" .... "Heavy T and The Big Boys" .... "Top 25 Up N Comers".

Thank you.

Heavy T and Big Boys - Regional Reports

Aug 10, 2010 11:05 AM

Regional Title Fights of the Week - August 14, 2010

US MIDWEST - Fart Smeller 16-1 (14/1) managed by Terminator Ty vs Dario Sala 30-16-5 (8/10) managed by psmith17

Super slugger Fart Smeller has held the U.S. Midwest belt for 6 consecutive weeks. He likely faces his toughest test to date (not counting his lone loss) this time against 6-4, 237 pound veteran Dario Sala. Smeller got a 12th round KO of Sala's gym mate, Brad Guzan, last Saturday.

"I plan on Smeller Salon being open again on Saturday night," the Fat Farty told the press. We only give out one facial a week, and a guy with a name like DARIO would probably appreciate a pedicure also. I will plan on making that happen."

Prediction - Despite Smeller's brash attitude, this appears to be the end of a great run. Sala by late KO.

US EAST - No title fight

Champion - Cheez The DKE's Mousepad With Wings 11-3-0 (9/1)

In a rivalry that continues to heat up, Cheez's Mousepad grabbed the U.S. East Heavyweight crown with an 11th round KO of Mark Daddy's Test My Glass Jaw on August 7, 2010.

Cheez used a steady diet of Miller High Life and cheez curds to prepare for the fight. Mousepad used a "chase" style throughout the fight to gain his first title.

US SOUTH - No title fight

Champion - latrel whilliams 6-4-0 (3/2) managed by Doozer II

whilliams is idle after recording an 8th round KO win over 'Cassius Clay' 2-2-0 (1/2) managed by Famous500 on August 7. Clay went all-out and whilliams easily left him sprawled on the canvas.

EUROPE - No title fight

Champion - None. Suxel's Pepe Coridelli 3-1-0 (3/0) captured the belt on August 7, 2010 with a 1st round KO of Flail Bob 1-3-0 (0/1) managed by DarkTiger Gym. Coridelli, who appears to be a traditional Suxel brawler, was actually floored twice in the early moments of the fight. However, he eventually felled the 6-6, 305 pound monster, Flail Bob.

US WEST - No title fight

CANADA - No title fight

AUSTRALASIA/SOUTH AMERICA - Phillipine Punch 9-9-0 (7/9) managed by Masterminds vs Guns Monkey 2-1-1 (0/0) managed by Balrog

Phillippine Punch captured the title last week with a 7th round KO of Lyndon "Petrolhead" Petterol. And, while we'd love to predict an upset here, it's probably not likely. You see, the champ is the underdog. This despite actually having a +1 rating. Because ..... Balrog is one of the game's best. He has a 6-foot, 7-inch tall fighter against an undersized slugger who would be better off at cruiserweight.

"I'm going to give him a go," Phillipine Punch said. "Nothing is gained without effort. Nobody expected Buster Douglas to beat Mike Tyson either."

Prediction - Guns Monkey wins by decision.

ENGLAND - No title fight

Champion - ippo makounuchi's ipo makanuki retired after winning title, 8.7.10.

ipo makanuki 9-10-0 (0/9) pulled off a rare feat. He goes 5-5, 137 pounds but won the heavyweight title over Golden Gym's Vincent Boissen 0-1-0 (0/0). Boissen recorded the fight's only knockdown, when makanuki went all-out in the 6th. makanuki won the fight 118-109 on all 3 cards.