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Heavy T and The Big Boys - Up And Comers

by Terminator Ty

Finally Top 25 is completed today. It made sense to wait until all of Saturday's fights had run. Big Boy has been gone for a bit. Keep me posted of guys I'm overlooking. PLEASE DROP ME an IM or I-MAIL if I am missing any 10-2 or 7-1 or 5-0 fighters.

The Top 25 Up and Comers in all of Big Dawg Boxing.

Big Boy Inc. delves into the hot young prospects of the game. He offers his insight, with Vinny LaPasta dishing out minimal editorial content (and a helluva lot of lasagna).

New Top 35 Up N Comers - January 16, 2011

Jan 29, 2011 8:15 PM

It has happened sooner than anyone could have imagined, but the #1 Up N Comer in all of Big Dawg Boxing vies for the Heavyweight World Title tonight. Balrog's Sandor Clegane takes on Terminator Ty's Marsolo's Spartan DOGG for BDB's ultimate crown. You'll be able to read the fight report after 9 p.m. BDB time on Saturday night.

As a side note, ZWIP's Warning (the No. 4 rated Up N Comer) just won a World Title of his own, as the referee wouldn't allow his opponent to answer the bell prior to the 11th round.

Everyone should take note of just how plausible it is for ANYBODY to raise a WORLD CHAMPION at Big Dawg Boxing.

The latest release has been expanded to include the Top 35 Up N Comers, as judged by Terminator Ty. Fighters must be active and have less than 20 career fights. Special consideration given to undefeated fighters (minimum 5 fights). Consideration is also given to regional and world titles won. I'm tracking them all (the best I can), so drop me an i-mail to keep me honest. Mitchell & Co. has the most fighters on the list with 9. New managers TomT, Sydney Sharks and Maid Latte are also cracking the Top 35 this week.

Sound off if you've got a pair.

Top Young Fighters in Big Dawg Boxing

1 - Sandor Clegane (Heavy) managed by Balrog - 11-0-0 (10/0)
Clegane did not fight last week.

2 - Johannes Sjoberg (Super Welter) managed by Buddhist Teach - 17-2-0 (13/2)
Sjoberg did not fight last week.

3 - Owen Anthony (Straw) managed by Fists - 10-0-0 (10/0)
Anthony did not fight last week.

4 - Warning (Light Heavy) managed by ZWIP - 14-2-0 (8/1)
Warning suffered a close 12-round defeat at the hands of Weaver's Jeff "Real Deal" Lefors last week.

5 - Elayne Trakand (Super Feather) managed by Balrog - 14-1-1 (4/0)
Trakand did not fight last week.

6 - Gregor Clegane (Super Heavy) managed by Balrog - 10-1-1 (3/1)
Gregor defeated Suxel's Tostao in a 12-round decision last week.

7- Unforgettable Stunner (Tough) managed by Weaver- 16-2-1 (8/1)
Unforgettable Stunner did not fight last week.

8 - Your Evaluation (Feather) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 6-0-0 (4/0)
Your Evaluation did not fight last week.

9 - Hidden Power (Welter) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 6-0-0 (4/0)
Hidden Power did not fight last week.

10 - Ben Bowl (Heavy) managed by Suxel - 7-1-0 (7/1)
Bowl scored a KO win over Top Rank's previously unbeaten Blake Griffin last week.

11 - Matsya (Super Fly) managed by Buddhist Teach - 16-2-0 (12/1)
Matsya was KO'd by Balrog's Duke of Cheezdom in a World Title fight last week.

12 - Rhaegar (Super Middle) managed by Balrog - 12-2-0 (3/0)
Rhaegar did not fight last week.

13 - Regular Fighter (Feather) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 7-0-2 (0/0)
Regular Fighter took a 12-round decision over Kenny KO's Buddy Vern Redneck last week.

14 - Zack" (Super Bantam) managed by Terminator Ty - 6-0-0 (0/0)
Zack" won a narrow decision against Fists' Tony "The Catch" Moeaki last week.

15 - Judson Swinger (Heavy) managed by Weaver - 11-2-1 (2/2)
Swinger was KO'd by Fists' Bud Heavy in a Regional Title fight last week.

16 - Light Heavy Gunner II (Light Heavy) managed by Weaver - 12-2-0 (11/2)
LH Gunner II was knocked out by Top Rank's Nolan Ryan last week.

17 - Robb Stark (Straw) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 12-3-0 (11/0)
Stark did not fight last week.

18 - Randall Rexes (Light Fly) managed by Suxel - 12-3-0 (9/0)
Rexes KO'd Eddy Crown's The Sociopath last week.

19 - Pregnant Wife (Super Light) managed by Fists - 7-1-0 (2/0)
Pregnant Wife did not fight last week.

20 - Tecumseh Sherman (Middleweight) managed by Top Rank - 5-0-0 (3/0)
Sherman won an easy 12-round decision over Terminator's "Headache" Nick Goos last week.

21 - Flashing Lights (Light) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 5-0-1 (3/0)
Flashing Lights did not fight last week.

22- Scooby (Bantam) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 9-1-0 (1/0)
Scooby won a 12-round decision over then #25 Fred Funkster (Top Rank) last week.

23 - Bad Debt (Feather) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 8-1-0 (1/1)
Bad Debt won a unanimous decision over Ty's Lightweight Beast (Terminator) last week.

24 - Naturally Sweetened (Super Feather) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 7-1-0 (3/0)
Naturally Sweetened scored an 8th round KO over Top Rank's Crackin Fools last week.

25 - Jaylen Ellis (Super Feather) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 8-1-0 (8/0)
Ellis suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of Terminator's Ralph "The Rocket" Goos last week.

26 - Danny Holla (Super Feather) managed by Eddy Crown - 7-1-1 (3/1)
Holla scored a KO victory over Battlin' Bectel's BoBo Bectel last week.

27 - "Teddy (Fly) managed by Terminator Ty - 6-1-0 (1/1)
Teddy won a decision over Eddy Crown's Hank Haney last week.

28 - Fly Gunz (Fly) managed by Mitchell & Co. - 11-2-0 (0/0)
Fly Gunz took a 12-round decision over Top Rank's "Ugly Troll" Kasparov last week.

29 - Madison "The Tiger" Davidson (Fly) managed by Terminator Ty - 12-3-2 (2/2)
"The Tiger" suffered a brutal KO loss against Fists' Maff last week.

30 - big bad bustling barry (Welter) managed by Maid Latte - 5-1-1 (1/0)
Barry is off to a hot start with a decision over Top Rank's Arnold Palmer last week. Barry's lone loss came before he was recruited by Maid Latte.

31 - No Name Champ (Light Heavy) managed by TomT - 9-3-0 (0/3)
Regional champ, No Name Champ, did not fight last week.

32 - Don "Smooth" Robinson (Bantam) managed by Weaver - 12-3-0 (1/1)
Regional champ, "Smooth" Robinson, did not fight last week.

33 - Tony "Shuffle" Kanga (Light Heavy) managed by Sydney Sharks - 8-2-0 (0/0)
Kanga won a decision victory over Bectel's Hey .... Look Over There last week.

34 - Thoros of Myr (Feather) managed by Balrog - 10-3-0 (8/3)
Thoros of Myr lost by KO against Top Rank's Lightnin Ladiges last week.

35 - Fred Funkster (Super Bantam) managed by Top Rank - 11-4-1 (4/2)
Lost a decision to then #18 Scooby (Mitchell & Co.) last week.

The latest release of the Top 25 Up N Comers, as judged by Terminator Ty.

Sound off if you've got a pair.

Jan 09, 2011 2:18 PM

The latest release of the Top 25 Up N Comers, as judged by Terminator Ty.

Sound off if you've got a pair.

Top 25 Up N Comers - Released Nov. 26, 2010

Nov 28, 2010 4:21 PM

The latest edition of the Top 25 Up N Comers and the latest edition of the Best Undefeated Fighters in Big Dawg Boxing has been compiled. It follows this list of the 32 invitees to the 2010 CIT (Commissioner's Invitational Tournament). I wanted to post this list to the front page. I'm interested to see how many of the 32 invitees have confirmed their participation. Also, I'm curious as to when the pairings for the tournament will be posted. I'm intrigued as to how ADMIN intends to seed the fighters. I've tinkered a bit with the CHIN element of the game, which will be introduced with the 2010 CIT. There is much to digest here, but I am hoping to post some ODDS TO WIN the 2010 CIT (for Entertainment Purposes Only) once we find out exactly who will be competing!

** - indicates ACTIVE or CONFIRMED in Forums, etc., that they will compete


Angee Dungelo U.S. West

** Balrog AustralAsia and South America

** Beacon Pointe Boxing U.S. Midwest

** Big Boy Inc. U.S. East

** BuddhistTeach U.S. West

** Demise U.S. West

Drew`s Gym & Beauty Supply U.S. Midwest

** Eddy Crown Europe

** Eldric U.S. South

fidel475 England

** Fists U.S. Midwest

** Gentleman Gym U.S. East

Geoff_S England

** Grubba U.S. South

J.Aaron Hall U.S. Midwest

** Jedi Jays House of Pancakes U.S. South

Kiz-PBF England

** Meadows Inc. 2010 U.S. South

** Mitchell & Co. U.S. South

Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo U.S. Midwest

Paz McCay U.S. West

** psmith17 U.S. Midwest

** slambango U.S. East

Sydney Sharks AustralAsia and South America

Tau Kappa Omicron & Co Canada

** Terminator Ty U.S. Midwest

** The Battlin Bectel U.S. Midwest

** The Coroner U.S. West

TheDukester England

Top Rank U.S. West

twl493 U.S. South

** ZWIP U.S. Midwest

#1 - Meadows Return VI managed by Meadows Inc. - Heavyweight Meadows Return VI has been the single-most dominant fighter in the game in recent days, posting a 13-1-0 (12/0) record. A nasty slugger that shows his intention not just before entering the ring, but before he enters the town that's hosting the fight.

#2 - Jahim Mobissou managed by Suxel - Heavyweight If Meadows Return VI is the baddest man on the planet, then Mobissou is his kryptonite. Mobissou is 15-3-0 (13/0), but he's taken on just about anybody, and he boasts the only victory over the #1 ranked MR VI. In fact, two of Mobissou's losses are against a currently inactive fighter (and manager).

#3 - Elayne Trakand managed by Balrog - Super-Featherweight Maybe I'm over-impressed with Trakand due to the fact that she has mowed down two Terminators in back-to-back weeks. However, a fine mark of 7-0-1 (2/0) is indicative of the type of fighter Balrog is once again putting together. You better bring your dancing shoes (or big boy slugger shoes) if you're going to take down Trakand.

#4 - I Googled It managed by Meadows Inc.- Cruiserweight Almost on par with his gym mate who is ranked #1. Google badass, and you'll find this guy at 12-1-0 (11/1). Only psmith17's veteran Steven Lenhart has been able to beat I-G-I.

#5 - Mazrim Taim managed by Balrog - Super Bantamweight Taim might be worthy of a higher rating, but he does have a few blemishes at 15-2-2 (3/0). The 13-rated World Champion at Super Bantamweight has fought just 4 times since September 1. Seems nobody really wants a piece of him. ZWIP's veteran Mighty Noped fought Taim to a draw last week, but there will be no rematch. Taim is not scheduled this week.

#6 - Ilse de Lange managed by Eddy Crownd - Super Bantamweight de Lange hasn't fought since August 31, but he's been actively holding the European regional belt. He still has a 13-2-1 (4/2) record, including a victory over Taim, the current world champion.

#7 - Aegon managed by Balrog- Welterweight Aegon has rolled through the competition to the tune of 7-0-0 (3/0). The only question is the level of competition. He's beaten newbie gyms, Masterminds (4 times) and Mitchell & Co. (3 times). Those are two of the better newbies around right now, but Balrog is one of the best in the game .....

#8 - Clown Alley VI managed by Jedi Jay- Heavyweight Clown Alley VI has a record of 6-0-0 (5/0) that includes 2 wins over Official Bot Gym, 2 wins over Memphis3 managed fighters and 2 wins over Mitchell & Co. (see above). Jedi Jay is good enough to do some real damage with a fighter that may get fat and happy with ability points if he's not stopped fairly soon ....

#9 - Sandor Clegane managed by Balrog - Heavyweight Clegane is a rare slugger out of Balrog's gym that is pounding the outmatched opposition thus far. His record of 6-0-0 (6/0) includes 5 KOs within a region that Balrog simply dominates. The other KO victory was Clegane's debut fight against a sub-par fighter managed by DoD. DoD? Who is that? Haven't seen him or his Evil Clown counterpart around these parts in quite a bit?

#10 - Tostao managed by Suxel - Heavyweight Another Suxel slugger cracks the list as Tostao comes in with an impressive mark of 10-1-1 (7/0). His only loss came back on September 4 against a tough Eddy Crown fighter by the name of Austin Millbarge. Tostao has been going strong with a fight nearly every week. It looks like he'll be tough against other sluggers, and may only struggle with the most talented balanced fighter or slapper.

#11 - The Nagging Wife managed by Fists - Super Lightweight Surely Ty wouldn't consider keeping an old nemesis out of the Top 10 on purpose would he? Well, it looks like Fists has landed at #11 with The Nagging Wife. A nifty and still undefeated slapper with a record of 6-0-1 (2/0). Ty will get his shot at knocking the undefeated part of that slapper this week. Ty's Pablo "The Horse" Davidson is 4-0-1 in his last 5 fights vs. Fists' gym, but this match-up is MUCH tougher.

#12 - Detective Lieutenant William Somerset managed by Fists - Strawweight So Fists lands another fighter at #12. I think I've properly shown respect for him, but I'll still manage to collect the $20 from his wife. She bribed me to keep him out of the Top 10 because she's still ticked off about having a fighter named "The Nagging Wife". Somerset 10-1-2 (2/1) is a tall, quick dose of trouble for opposing strawweights. It seems maybe somebody needs to create a Fists-patented "short person" at the cost of say $5 in gym credits. Otherwise, Somerset could run wild on the division. Well .... he already has.

#13 - Warning managed by ZWIP - Middleweight For some reason, Mr. ZWIP always has a sly smile on his face when mentioned about his standout Middleweight, Warninng 7-1-0 (5/1). Ty can personally attest to just how bad ass Warning is, as 4 of his 7 wins have come via the Terminateds. Ty's Chaz Chameleon also dealt Warning his lone defeat. If it weren't for an untimely cut, Warning would be 8-0-0 (6/0). As it is, Warning is at least human .... Barely.

#14 - Cate Gory managed by Suxel - Heavyweight Despite being knocked out in the 12th round by Fists' Emmanuel Lamur in his last fight, Cate Gory is still 15-3-0 (12/3). Gory had an 11 fight win streak snapped with that loss. Gory's fights have been a bit sporadic, fighting only 6 times since March. Another tough Slugger v. Slugger matchup awaits this week with Eldric's Ornery Spouse set to step in against Gory.

#15 - Caidin managed by Balrog - Cruiserweight Caidin sports an impressive mark of 9-1-0 (1/0) with the only blemish coming against the aforementioned Austin Millbarge (managed by Eddy Crown). Following that loss, Balrog's man quickly bounced back against Whoa Oh Jr. (whom he's victimized 3 times). Caidin currently holds the Australasia Regional title and is not schedul

de la Mare Takes On Cornwall In World Heavyweight Championship Bout Tonight!

Nov 06, 2010 8:21 PM

de la Mare Takes On Cornwall In World Heavyweight Championship Bout Tonight!

This should be a thrilling rematch of the rematch of the rematch of the rematch between the two best fighters in the game. Balrog's Cornwall holds the title, and he's beaten Suxel's de la Mare FOUR times before, but de la Mare also got a win over Cornwall ONCE! Don't miss the fight report as two of the best managers in the game hook it up with the style of fighters that they are BEST at managing!

Terminator Ty is still crafting the NEW TOP 25 LIST OF UP N COMERS, but you can expect to see it tomorrow (Sunday, 11/7/10).

I've also got a new idea for a way to track the most dominant region, which I'm developing and hope to implement in the coming month or months.

More great Up N Comers in Action

Oct 27, 2010 8:11 AM

Tuesday night's World Title Fight was a DOOZY! I don't want to spoil it for you all, but Fists and Balrog put on a pretty interesting slapfest. Each fighter landed almost the exact same number of punches in multiple rounds, so the judges had something to say about the outcome.

Zack "The Teddy Bear" Droskin ran circles around Jedi Jay's "Folly" in less significant action. Please do not "bet the under" in Vegas on the number of press releases that these two managers issue regarding an otherwise meaningless fight!

Then, there's the matter of Mitchell & Co.'s undefeated fighter that was talked about in the preview. You're gonna have to look to find out what happened.

Tonight's action features 3 great fights with multiple Up N Comers involved. Meadows Return IV 6-0-0 (4/0) takes on Fists' Jimmy "J Roll" Rollins 10-5-0 (7/2). Balrog's Elayne Trakand 5-0-1 (1/0) faces Ty's Bobby "The King" Macarande 9-3-2 (2/0) in a rematch of last week's draw. And finally, Meadows Return II 8-1-0 (7/0) battles Suxel's Jeff Schoeller 10-3-1 (3/1).

Good luck boys and girls. Keep those punches up.

Very excited to see Balrog's Unit VI go for the World Title in the Super Flyweight division Tuesday night.

Oct 26, 2010 8:45 PM

Very excited to see Balrog's Unit VI go for the World Title in the Super Flyweight division Tuesday night. Unit VI was previously the #4 rated Up N Comer before a brief retirement. With a record of 12-1-2 (2/1), Unit VI has previously held the World Flyweight championship, and he will be fighting an uphill battle (literally) against current champion, Terrible Twos, managed by Fists. Terrible Twos goes 5-feet, 10-inches tall and has a 6-inch height advantage over Unit VI. Terrible Twos 20-6-0 (5/4) has used his lanky frame to not only win the World Title, but also defend it successfully 4 TIMES.

Also in action Tuesday night will be Mitchell & Co.'s undefeated fighter, This Might Work, 3-0 with 3 KOs.

Terminator Ty's mouthpiece rookie Zack "The Teddy Bear" Droskin is 1-1-0 (0/1), but is making his mark with his yakking rather than his banging. There's been some smack talk between Droskin and his opponent's manager leading up to this one. Bad blood may lead to some blood-letting in the ring!

Saturday Night is GREAT for FIGHTING!

Oct 23, 2010 8:07 PM

Big Dawg Boxing has some outstanding fights on the card for Saturday night, and in an interesting twist, some of the most intriguing match-ups come from the Cruiserweights.

First, we've got to take a look at one Heavyweight contest, as it is a FIRST of its own. On Saturday night, BDB will crown its first-ever Facebook Regional Champion. It's a small step as Jordon21 managed by Aaron Mortiboys and tano managed by Simon Beecroft each have 0-1-0 (0/0) records, but its a giant step for the game as it capitalizes on all the exposure that Facebook offers. Hopefully, this new avenue for the game will provide more great managers.

Back to the Cruiserweights, where Meadows' undefeated fighter I Googled It 11-0-0 (10/0) faces off against veteran Steven Lenhart 30-17-0 (23/15) managed by psmith17. Lenhart has an advantage in experience, and he's +1 in rating and +2 in status. However, I Googled It has stacked up the bonus points, while rolling through the competition. This one could be over quick, but it will depend on which tactics these well-rounded managers choose.

The next match-up features two of the best up-and-comers in the divison (behind I Googled It, of course). Big Beer Boxing's Redhook "Long Hammer" IPA 13-4-0 (3/2) faces Eddy Crown's Austin Millbarge 12-5-1 (7/1). "Long Hammer" is 3 inches taller and only 2 pounds heavier, which explains why he's won the first two meetings between these fighters (both have come in the last 30 days). However, with fighters this similar, there is always a chance that Millbarge could pull off an upset.

Eddy Crown has another featured fighter Saturday night in pikey 8-3-1 (4/1). He's facing Mitchell & Co.'s slugger Cyborg v4.0 7-1-1 (5/0). Cyborg goes 5-10, 203 vs. pikey's 6-0, 189 frame. Look for pikey to use an apparent agility advantage, while Cyborg will either go for a KO or possibly flail his way to making this a good fight.

The last great Cruiserweight matchup of the night has another Mitchell & Co. fighter, AC130 8-1-0 (2/0) taking on another Big Beer Boxing fighter in Beer Guy Banger 2 12-4-1 (2/2). Beer Guy Banger 2 is 5 inches taller at 6 feet, 1 inch, and also has a 8 pound weight advantage at 196. AC130 appears to have a balanced approach, which would not bode well in this match-up. However, Mitchell & Co. has quickly made a name for himself as a versatile and creative manager, fully capable of winning a fight of this magnitude.

The Heavyweight fights have several solid up-and-comers in action, including a few undefeated ones. The biggest fight of the night is for the European Regional Title Belt where Suxel's Flop Disastrous 20-6-2 (2/2) takes on Eddy Crown's Johan Neeskans 24-11-0 (6/7). Both fighters are tall and slender, with Suxel's man being TALLER and SLENDERER, advantage to Lexus spelled backwards. Ydde Nworc will have his work cut out for him.

Meadows Return VI (managed by ..... yep, Meadows Inc.) puts his undefeated record of 11-0-0 (10/0) on the line vs. Suxel's Jahim Mobissou 14-2-0 (13/0). If this one goes longer than Round 1 I will be surprised. If it goes longer than Round 3, well I would grab something sturdy and hold on.

Suxel's own undefeated fighter, Frank Pascal 7-0-0 (6/0) takes on upstart manager Masterminds and his boxer Blas Carso 8-2-1 (8/1). This is a big step up in competition for Masterminds, but the kid has showed guts and CAJONES thus far in his short time in the game.

Other matchups of interest include:

Suxel's Tostao 8-1-1 (6/0) against Cheez The DKE's Tropical Storm Howie 15-8-1 (11/7)
Fists' Jarrod Cooper 12-5-0 (11/4) against Ty's Frank "Corn Dog" Cornelius 8-2-2 (6/1)
Big Beer's "Robert The Bruce" Scottish Ale 13-7-3 vs. Fists' prospect Hundie 6-1-0 (5/1)
Jedi Jay's Opposites Attract 8-2-1 (0/1) vs. Mitchell & Co.'s Cyborg 2010 6-4-0 (5/3)
Suxel's Pepe Coridelli 6-1-1 (5/0) vs. Sydney Sharks' Josh Cherry AAA 9-6-0 (7/5)
Jedi's "American Dragon" J. Danielson 9-4-0 (9/2) vs. Mitchell's Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista 6-2-0 (4/0)
Suxel's Joe Kalbus 8-1-0 (7/0) vs. Eddy Crown's Kebnekaise Everestsson 20-10-1 (5/8)

Kalbus vs. "American Dragon" was over VERY QUICKLY, but it was interesting for sure. Kalbus got the 1st round KO, but was in a bit worse shape. It didn't appear that "Dragon" even landed a punch, but Kalbus had a minor cut under his right eye, and swellin

Oct 17, 2010 8:08 PM

Kalbus vs. "American Dragon" was over VERY QUICKLY, but it was interesting for sure. Kalbus got the 1st round KO, but was in a bit worse shape. It didn't appear that "Dragon" even landed a punch, but Kalbus had a minor cut under his right eye, and swelling above both eyes. Still an impressive win for Kalbus who is now 8-1-0 (7/0) with some extra bonus points.

In the other good suxel vs. Jedi matchup, Tostao and Opposites Attract fought to a 12-round draw. Suxel's slugger got a pair of 12th round knockdowns, but O-A- got one of his own to forge a tie. Nice sister kissing you homo-sapiens.

Amazingly, BP's Yes Mark Daddy I Made It was able to hang on and .... well, he hung on to make sure that he got a 12th round KO over Eddy Crown's Johan Neeskens. It was never close, and everybody had YMDIMI winning EVERY round.

Balrog's Unit III won by 7th round KO over EC's Everestsson. I thought the match-up advantage went to Everestsson, but an all-out onslaught by Unit III ended the bout early.

Terminator Ty really tanked it with one of his best HW prospects, as Frank "Corn Dog" Cornelius had a big endurance advantage over Bectel's Insert Davis through the first few rounds. Then, a horrible lack of scouting and fight plan conditionals took over, and Davis pummeled Cornelius into Corn Dog Pudding in the 10th.

Meadows Return VI improved to 11-0, but failed to get the KO against Cheez The DKE's New Years Eve fighter. Still it was quite a convincing victory for MR VI.

There were a host of other good fights, including another undefeated Suxel fighter and a couple of strong showings by Mitchell & Co., so I encourage all of you to check them out, and talk some smack. Keep the fun fights coming.

Here are a few that have got me eager for 9 PM Big Dawg Boxing Time ... Joe Kalbus 7-1 (6/0) v.s. "The American Dragon" Jason Danielson 9-3 (9/1) huge prospect fight .... a Suxel slugger going against a Jedi slugger .... may be over quick, but could be

Oct 16, 2010 6:25 PM

Here are a few that have got me eager for 9 PM Big Dawg Boxing Time ... Joe Kalbus 7-1 (6/0) v.s. "The American Dragon" Jason Danielson 9-3 (9/1) huge prospect fight .... a Suxel slugger going against a Jedi slugger .... may be over quick, but could be quite exciting .... Yes Mark Daddy I Made It 15-0-0 (15/0) vs. Johan Neeskens 24-10-0 (6/6) .... Baptist Preach's guy pummeled Neeskens two weeks ago .... I've no reason to expect that Eddy Crown can pull off the upset here .... because really, if Neeskens had a decent chance to win, would BP even be fighting him??? Unit III 13-5-1 (12/3) vs. Kebnekaise Everestsson 20-9-1 (5/7) .... Balrog's 6 foot, 1 inch fighter is a fringe prospect (this is his 20th fight) and he is gonna have his hands REALLY full with Eddy Crown's 7-footer here .... does Balrog have any tricks up his sleeve? Terminator Ty has a Balrog-esque prospect of his own in Frank "Corn Dog" Cornelius 8-1-2 (6/0) .... however, he faces a 300-pound, near 7-footer tonight in Bectel's Insert Davis. One of Corn Dog's draws and his only loss have come against a similar Big Beer fighter. Meadows best Heavyweight prospect is undefeated and squaring off against Cheez the DKE's New Years Eve Fighter .... and I'm also excited to see Suxel's Tostao (who only has 1 loss) against Jedi's Pancake Flipper Opposites Attract (2 losses) .... there's a host of other good fights, so I'll see you guys at 9 PM online (or first thing in the morning if the Jose Cuervo kicks in early)!

The new top 10 is almost finished.

Oct 11, 2010 10:30 AM

More coming, but wanted to update for fear of a computer lock up or similar minor disaster.

Top 20 Up N Comers - October 10, 2010

Oct 11, 2010 10:29 AM

#1 - Lagunitas "Censored" American Amber managed by Big Beer Boxing - Heavyweight Our top-ranked fighter is still atop the rankings this week. Big Beer let "Censored" take this week off, as his Heavyweight badboy did not face a challenger for the U.S. Midwest crown. "Censored" won with a 12th round KO over Emmanuel Lamur (managed by Fists) back on Oct. 2. It was the first title defense for "Censored" who took the title from another Fists' fighter. "Censored" has ran through the best managers in the Midwest, including psmith17, Fists, Bectel, KennyKO, Ty and ZWIP. Some of the match-ups have been favorable, but there's been no implication of fight picking with this guy. He's fought nearly every single week without changing division. A champ to be proud of.

#2 - Yes MarkDaddy I Made It managed by Baptist Preach - Heavyweight Staying at #2, Yes MarkDaddy I Made It has now moved to 15-0-0 (15/0) with a punishing victory over Fists' Axel Foley on Oct. 9. YMDIMI proved to be far too much for Foley, as he disposed of him by 7th round KO. Despite, Baptist Preach drawing the ire of a few in the Trash Talk forum, this fighter is offering no apologies for how he got to be so indestructable. The beast that is YMDIMI has now fought in consecutive weeks (by way of the scheduler) for the first time in his career. Or so it appears. His next test will be a rematch against Eddy Crown's Johan Neeskens. EC's fighter was YMDIMI's 14th victim two weeks ago.

#3 - Jahim Mobissou managed by Suxel - Heavyweight Mobissou also didn't move in the rankings this week. He knocked out Kebnekaise Everestsson, managed by Eddy Crown, for the third consecutive time to improve to 14-2-0 (13/0). Mobissou's only two losses are to Kiz's Michael Stone, who has been retired for some time. Suxel's agile slugger doesn't have a challenger for the European HW title this week. If EC's Neeskens loses to YMDIMI in world competition this week, then Neeskens could challenge Mobissou on Oct. 23, but we believe this is the furthest thing from EC's mind right now.

#4 - Ilse de Lange managed by Eddy Crown - Super Bantamweight Still the European Regional Super Bantamweight champ. Hasn't fought since 8/31/10 when he won a victory over Suxel's Sergej Abdumarov. de Lange is 13-2-1 (4/2) and moves up to #4 on the list by virtue of the retirement of Balrog's Unit VI. Ilse de Lange has posted 3 consecutive wins over the likes of Suxel, Balrog and psmith and continues to move up the list. Will have to drop regional title at some point, but de Lange has future world champ written all over him.

#5 - Mazrim Taim managed by Balrog - Super Bantamweight Taim bumps up to the #5 rating, despite being inactive since a Sept. 14 World Title win over Big Boy Inc.'s now retired Extreme F. Taim has a record of 14-2-1 (2/0). It's a bit funny to see a Regional Champion ranked one spot higher than the World Champ, but Eddy Crown's Ilse de Lange is the only fighter to defeat Taim recently. Neither manager seems anxious to see the fight, but it seems Taim and de Lange are poised for a showdown over Taim's gold belt at some point.

#6 - Meadows Return VI managed by Meadows Inc. - Heavyweight Meadows Return VI continued his domination since his manager's return with a pair of 12th round KOs since our last commentary. MR VI is now 10-0-0 (10/0) after thumping Suxel's Torque Converter (Oct. 2) and Cheez the DKE's Tropical Storm Howie (Oct. 9). Look for MR VI to leapfrog the inactive fighters in front of him if he can stop Cheez's New Years Eve Fighter 17-8-1 (13/2) on Saturday night.

#10 - Edgar Prado managed by PSmith17 - Welterweight Well, you can bet that this is not the way Psmith and his slugger Edgar Prado had planned it. Prado lost the Welterweight World Title with a 3rd round DQ loss to Cheez's Grey Hair on Oct. 7. Prado, who had already knocked out Grey Hair to win the World Title, had dropped Cheez's fighter 3 times in the first two rounds. He also had opened a cut under Grey Hair's left eye in the 2nd round, but it wasn't meant to be a successful title defense for Prado. Referee Mills Lane stopped the fight by DQ in the third, and Lane allegedly dined on the finest wine and Cheez for the rest of the evening. Prado dropped a bit in the rankings, and he'll get a tough test against Balrog's #14 ranked Caiden 11-3-1 (4/0) this week.

xxxxxx all old stuff from here xxxxxx

#10 - Stone "Smoked" Porter managed by Big Beer Boxing - Light heavyweight Undefeated in seven U.S. Midwest regional title fights (6-0-1), "Smoked" has fallen on tough times a bit recently. He's lost 3 out of 4 fights in some pretty difficult match-ups. For the most part, Porter should be credited with standing tall and fighting tough in the face of adversity. While he's dropped a bit from his peak at #4 on this list, with a record of 12-3-1 (10/1) he's still well worthy of his spot here.

#11 - Ehren McGehdy managed by Eddy Crown - Strawweight McGehdy is a sister kisser. That's right hide your sister. 4 ties in 17 fights. Seriously though, McGehdy is a fine dancer, but took a second loss against Fists' nasty slugger Maff in a World Title fight on Sept. 20. Still, at 11-2-4 (3/1), McGehdy is a fine fighter who could challenge again for a title at strawweight or move up to light-flyweight.

#12 - Caidin managed by Balrog - Cruiserweight If you want to mess with an undefeated slapper managed by the guy who has had the most success with that type of fighter, then Caidin is your guy. He's 7-0-0 (1/0), and I believe is named after Balrog's kid (?). All that means is that you are not likely to get overlooked. Good luck with that fight.

#13 - I Googled It managed by Meadows Inc. - Cruiserweight If this fighter and description look familiar, well, we understand. Check out the fighter ranked #8. I Googled It is a brutally strong slugger who has blasted the competion on his way to a 7-0-0 (7/0) record. Go ahead and mark your calendars for a Caidin v. I Googled It world title fight in .... let's say ..... February 2011.

#14 - Detective Lieutenant William Somerset managed by Fists - Strawweight Somerset just successfully defended his U.S. Midwest regional title with a close decision victory over Ty's Jacob "The Jammer" Goos. Somerset is really tall (by strawweight standards), and is simply dominating the competition to the tune of a 9-1-2 (2/1) record. With so few sluggers in the lowest weight class, Somerset could really make some noise.

#15 - Dogfish Head "90 Minute" IPA managed by Big Beer Boxing - Bantamweight Dogfish has held up against all types of opponents, but his primarily made his mark by being just a bit flashier, quicker and sneakier than the opposition. His record of 9-1-0 (2/0) has him looking like a potential champion for Big Beer.

#16 - New Belgium "Fat Tire" Ale managed by Big Beer Boxing - Light Heavyweight - At last check, "Fat Tire" was sporting a very fine 7-1-3 record. A fleet-footed slapper, "Fat Tire" has shown a powerful enough KO punch as well. Big Beer may be finding his groove with slappers, so beware.

#17 - Bobby "The King" Macarande managed by T.Ty - Super Featherweight "The King" is no more (or less) worthy of the #17 spot then he was at last update. His record is 9-2-1 (2/0) with 2 wins over Big Boy Inc. (when he was active) and 3 wins over CECMY/DoD, including the latest decision over Lennart Johansson. There's still potential for Macarande, but his warts are beginning to show just a bit. He has his weaknesses, including Ty's lack of creativity in fight plans and Ty's general laziness at the game.

#18 - Turner n Hooch managed by Fists - Super Middleweight This fighter moved up 3 notches this poll after fighting to a draw with Henk Faanhof managed by Eddy Crown. We still expect Turner N Hooch to improve on his 9-2-1 (9/

Update coming.

Oct 08, 2010 7:55 AM

I will probably wait until Sunday at this point to offer an update. My new computer set me back in the pocketbook, but it sure does navigate quickly!

There are some really good fights on Saturday, especially the fight between B.P.'s Yes Mark Daddy I Made It and Fists' fighter Axel Foley.

I'll try to get a new Top 25 finished this weekend, as well as something general for the Heavyweight only department.

Since B.P. is no longer reading. I'll be sure to fire off repeated cheap shots while giving him no credit at all. That should drive the ego-maniac a little further away.