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2011 CIT


Hello All! With the help of a few managers I am going to make an attempt to cover the 2011 CIT. Do some reviews of fights, make some preditions and try to spur some interest for the Years Biggest Tourney.

Dec 23, 2011 5:06 PM

Congrats Balrog

Wow, Balrog went through the competition like a buzzsaw!! The fight started as any slugger vs. dancer match with Balrog clinching and DOD using the ring. As DOD started to fatigue he rested one round, two rounds, three rounds in a row, but did not seem to gain any advantage as when Balrog went all-out he still took an awful lot of punishment. At that point then fight was lost for DOD. DOD's idea I think was to rest and catch Balrog on his all-out and either put him away or amass enough damage and ip's. Even though he DID catch him on his all-out he took alot more than he gave. In survival mode DOD tried to hang on and win some rounds but Balrog was just too strong. Balrog created his fighter perfect as it seemed in every fight he had 10 more ap's than everyone else,,LOL! Thats what you call a dominate Boxer! I think we can safely say Balrog has mastered Sluggers! Congrats to DOD for making it to the final,,he just ran into a very hot guy! Congrats to ALL the participants as this years CIT was VERY exciting!

Dec 16, 2011 5:48 PM


This has been one hell of a tourney with some amazing fights. This has been the best CIT in Years. Aaron did a great job with the match-ups. This tourney spurred alot of interest and got many managers chatting and talking. This is just what this game needed!

How many times in a tourney do you get the top 2 seeds and imo the 2 best managers in the game to be in the final? This should be an Epic Final! Balrogs 4'7 fighter is a Punisher with some speed to boot to win some close rounds. DOD's guy is 5'7 and was out throwing the 5'10 TR so you know he has speed and probably was built to fight the taller dancer's in the tourney. I believe DOD is a Great dancer manager but is one of the best of all time Slugger manager. Balrog is one of the best of all time dancer manager's and is turning into a Great slugger guy. Two Amazing Managers fighting with guys just a little off their comfort zone. (Still good enough to beat just about any other around though). How can I predict this fight? Would anyone be surprised who won? DOD has had at least One World Championship Dancer in his stable and has had a little more expereince in big tournies so for those 2 reasons I predict DOD by late KO!

Dec 16, 2011 4:26 PM



5'7 DOD vs. the 5'10 Top Rank. A couple of the games Legends will Duke it out for a chance to get into the final! Neither of these guys will leave it to chance in this fight. At 5'10 TR has the height advantage to fight outside or use ring and try to win rounds. Will DOD imploy the same strategy he used to defeat JAH? He can slug and flail, he can clinch/inside/allout....or mix it up. His fighter has plenty of speed. Tough to make a decision on this one. Ap's being equal go with with the taller fighter but we are talking DOD! DOD by late KO! DOD BY KO! I Did get this one right, DOD by late KO. Wasn't quite the way I saw it developing though. DOD came out smoking and was 4 rounds up b-4 TR knew what hit him. When you get 4 rounds down on DOD you can pretty much mail it in. TR tried to even it out by throwing everything but the kitchen sink and narrowed the gap to 2 rounds by the 11th. TR then threw the kitchen sink and DOD was waiting for him and that was all she wrote,,,,,Great run TR!


4'7 Balrog vs. 5'4 Big Boy. Kind of Role reversal on this one. Big Boy is the Slugger Expert and Balrog is the Dancer Master. Balrog made quick work of KKO's fighter who I perceived as a slugger killer. Now I respect Big Boy as much as any Manager today but he does struggle a bit with dancers. Balrog is Balrog number 1 or 2 manager today. Balrog by late KO! BALROG BY KO! I was chatting with both of these managers the other night when they both were sparring and figureing out fight plans. Both were playing off their chances in the fight. Big Boy is a Strong, Strong Manager but his go to is sluggers and is still working on perfecting dancers. He built his guy to do both. I did find out one thing throughout this tourney is that Balrog can manage a sluggers like he does Dancers,,,thats scary! Balrogs guy wore down Big boys fighter even though BBs guy rested alot. He did make an attempt to cut off the ring but Balrog was just to strong. Big Boy, great job, just ran into a buzz saw!

Dec 13, 2011 1:46 PM


Getting down to the nitty gritty. Every Manager left has been around a long time and have combined for Hundreds of World Championship Wins. Anyone could step-up and take this tourney!

Duke of Dorkdom will fight J.Aaron Hall

Rock Gym is a Up and coming gym but he doesn't have the Experience like JAH! DOD will have his hands full trying to defeat his foe. JAH is one of the best in the game managing Dancers. At 5'11 JAH has 4 inches on DOD. I know DOD's fighter has plenty of speed but can he catch up with JAH's guy? This will come down to plan strategy! At this point in the tourney any guy could win! DOD by UD!

DOD by KO!

DOD took advantage of JAH's over aggressive nature. Being behind after 2 rounds JAH threw caution to the wind and threw a buttload of punches to try to get back into the fight. DOD guessed right and threw and all-out early in the fight and caught JAH wailing away and put him down for good. When your the best it isn't guessing I suppose.

Balrog will fight Kenny K.O.

At 4'7 Balrogs guy is the same height as Luch's man who the 4'10 KKO beat in the last round. Sorry Luch,,you are a good manager but Balrog is one of the best of all time. Balrog is a BEAST with dancers. He told me "I like dancers and dancers like me". That being said he is managing a Slugger which surprises me a bit and he has no fight to scout. I am going out on a limb and picking a slight upset. KKO by KO!

Balrog by KO!

Balrogs guy must be a MONSTER! Even though he was throwing alot of punches he was STILL wearing down KKO's guy round by round. KKO started throwing more punches to try to even out the fight, thats when Balrog started pounding even more and started busting KKO's guy up. Wasn't long b-4 he welted into the canvas.

ZWIP will fight Top Rank

My guy is 6'4 and TR's guy is 5'10. We are no stranger to each other as we have fought each close to 200 times and we are close to 50/50 in our fights. I love butting heads with this guy. This will be a classic im sure! Pick-em!

TR by UD!

This fight was similiar to the Heavyweight Championship fight I had him TR Sat. night In both fights round one was very close and my corner said I won but the judges gave it to TR. Kind of screws up the rest of your fight plan when your guy thinks you are up and you are really down,basically a 2 round swing. It happens all the time here in TBG you have to adjust to it. That being said TR stayed ahead and my guy got desperate and cheap shot him in the 11th and got DQED (Sorry TR).

Dec 09, 2011 9:13 PM

Upcoming Fights

Duke of Dorkdom will fight Rock Gym

Rock Gym came out of No Where do defeat the defending Champ Fists in the first round. He now has the daunting task of fighting the #1 seed DOD. At 5'9 he is the perfect height to fight the 5'7 DOD. Can Rock endure the fight plan that DOD will put together? I think he will hang with DOD till the end then we see the master at work pull it out! If you want to be the best you have to might as well beat the best. Can he spoil another? DOD by UD!

DOD by UD!

Just as I predicted. DOD jumped to a lead and never looked back. Rock made a late charge but didn't throw enough punches to matter.

ZWIP will fight Angee Dungelo

Both fighters will be hard to scout, I had a gimme and Angee fought EC who had no fight plan. My guy is 6'4 and Angee's is 5'7. Will Angee slug it out, make it a slapfest or both? That is the question. Should be an interesting fight. Pick-em!


Terminator Ty will fight J.Aaron Hall

Can we just say there will be alot of punches thrown in this fight? Ty's guy is 5'8 and JAHl's fighter is 5'11. How will Ty handle the height difference in his fight plan once again is the question just like Ang. and me. Both Veteran Managers, Ty can manage any kind of fighter as JAH's specialty is Dancers. Wouldn't surprise me if either one won but I think JAH has the little easier route. JAH by SD!

JAH by UD!

As I suspected,,alot of punches thrown and a close fight. Ty tried throwing a few all-outs when JAH was wailing away but it didn't matter.

Big Boy Inc. will fight slambango

Realy looking forward to this fight! IMO these 2 managers are a carbon copy of each other. Rank these 2 guys and and they are right next to each other. flip flop um if you want. Both are top five slugger managers, both veteran guys. BB's guy is 5'4 and Slams guy is 5'6. I have no idea how each one will do their plan. Slam has a slight Adv. in height, but not realy enough to give him a distinct adv. Wow, don't know which way to go. Flip a coin! Slam by Late KO!

BigBoy by UD!

Another great fight to read! Back and forth and an even fight after 10 rounds. After round 11 it still could have went either way! BigBoy had just enough.

Top Rank will fight The Battlin Bectel

Is there an easy fight to predict??? Hell no! BB shut down the "Cheez" and TR beat "The Joker". TR's guy is 5'10 and BB's is 5'2. Another pair of managers that go way back! TR can manage any type of fighter with excellence and BB's forte is Dancers. That being said I give a slight Adv. to TR. I know BB will throw a of monkey wrenches in his plan though. TR by KO!

TR by UD

BB tried the age old slug and flail but TR was up to the challenge and held BB off until BB tried a few All-outs in which TR got put on his butt a few times and messed his face up a bit but held on for the win!

PM Luchini will fight Kenny K.O.

Luch at 4'8 beat the unstoppable Vibo in the first round. Kenny fought to a draw with JAH. At 4'10 Kenny's guy seem to have alot of speed as his "slap" rounds showed. Will I underestimate Luch again? Luch is right up his wheel house with his slugger by Kenny does better with taller slappers imo. Kenny has been around the block in this game as much as anyone so he could surprise people though. His guy could be the slugger killer. I am torn with this one also. Sorry Luch (F-you) LOL! KKO by KO!


Kenny had a perfect plan for Luch's fighter. He held him off at every turn and cruised for the Victory. At least Luch beat Vibo for his own sake!

Dec 05, 2011 8:44 PM

Duke of Dorkdom will fight 1 + 1 Not Even worth a prediction. One of the best Managers if NOT the best vs. a manager with a fighter who weighs 0. If DOD loses this fight I will quit the game,,LOL! DOD by KO!

DOD By KO! No kidding!

Balrog will fight Logue Another Joke! Balrog is in the same class as DOD, fighting a guy who is a 269 pound Bantam. A little overweight are we? Balrog by KO!

Balrog by KO! Duh!

ZWIP will fight Krassh I am fighting a guy who obviously couldn't push himself away from the buffet table. 7ft and 326,,come on man,,your a bantamweight! I better win this by KO!

ZWIP by KO! Blah, Blah, Blah! Fists will fight Rock Gym Fists is the defending CIT Champ but hasn't logged on to the game in a few weeks, his opponent hasn't been to the game in a week but has a fight scheduled for next week. 6ft Fist is perfect for this tourney as Rocks fighter is 5'9 which is a good height also against anyone but a 6 footer. I would love to see Fist try to defend his title. Fists where are you? Newbie vs. vet. Fist by UD!

Rock gym by KO!

WOW! Very Impressive! WOW! Back and forth the whole fight, seems he was setting Fists up in the for the 12th the whole time. Nice fight, Head turning! WOW! Terminator Ty will fight Just BoB Very interesting match-up. Ty's fighter is 5'8 and Bob's is 5'7 Bob has showed he can be a manager to reckon with as he is known to the old guard as "Bob The Slicer". He is a tough cookie at times. Ty has been around forever and has experience fighting in big tournies. If Ty can get his head out of his butt and make a good FP I would have to give him the edge. Ty by UD!

Ty by SD!

This fight could have went either way,,very close rounds. Both Ty and Bob had excellent plans. Wouldn't have surprised me if it went the other way! Big Boy Inc. will fight Sydney Sharks Don't know if Big Boy made his 5'4 guy to be a slugger or dancer? Maybe to be able to be both or beat both? He is a Great slugger manager and he will use that knowledge in this fight. Sharks is a up and coming dancer manager and will surprise you from time to time but Big Boy is just too good imo to lose this fight. Big Boy by KO!

Big Boy by UD!

Another very close fight! Goes to show you the newbies can hang with the vets! Big Boy mixed his plan up well but didn't bother Sharks at all,,once again could have went the other way as well! Eddy Crown will fight Angee Dungelo EC is a Legend in TBG. Angee is the class clown! Both fighters are 5'7 and I know if push comes to shove Angee can make a decent fight plan,,he has been around. EC will prove to be too much for our local jokester though. EC by UD!

Angee by UD

It's a shame EC didn't put in a plan,,would have liked to see him compete with the other great managers involved. That being said,,the Jokester Advances! Top Rank will fight SSJoker Since TR has been back for a few years I have probably fought him more than anyone,,hell, he has 200 fighter out there,,LOL! Another Legend, I remember fighting TR for the World cup Championship 5 or 6 years ago,,he is the ultimate gamer! SS joker is in the mold of Sydney Sharks, another Up and comer Dancer manager. TR's guy is 5'11 and SS guy is 6'0. Looks like a slapfest to me! Have to go with the experience! TR by UD!

TR by UD!

This was a slapfest as I predicted. Joker gave TR everything he wanted and more. TR took the last round off, it was a close fight it could have cost him but it didn't. Close once again! Luchini will fight Vibo This fight should be fun. I will bet anyone 100 dollars that this will NOT go the distance! Both veteran slugger managers and Luchini can be Very Good Manager but Vibo is a Great manger (sorry Luch). IMO one of the top 5 slugger managers EVER in this game. Bloodbath and Vibo by early KO!

Luchini by KO!

IMO the biggest upset of the first round. Hats off to Luch (Your still a Punk)! Handled Vibo at every turn,, nice strategy the first 3 rounds. You are more than a Clown! Kenny K.O. will fight J.Aaron Hall Very surprised to see KKO's fighter. Saw this match-up and my first thought was major slapfest. Both managers are from way back when I started (lst day of TBG),,is that far enough back? JAH and KKO are both top ten managers and both know the game inside and out. I have had many battles with both. Both are known for dancers,,I guess KKO wants to try the waters in a tourney with a slugger. Both being equal I will go with the 6'0 JAH over the 4'10 KKO. JAH by late KO!


Have to wait and see what Aaron does about this one. slambango will fight Nachos From Home Slambango and Nacho's fighters are both 5'6. When Slambango burst on the scene and was very active he became one of the most feared slugger managers of the time. Became Very Good, Very Fast! Don't know Mr. Nacho at all. maybe he will surprise some people but not with this opponent. Slambango by late KO!

Slambango by KO!

Nacho openned some eyes with this one,,made me look at his gym,,pretty impressive for a newbie. Slambango showed again his excellent skills writing fight plans. Watch out for him! The Battlin Bectel will fight Cheez the DKE BB and Cheez,,the only guys I know that have been here since we all used window DOS! I have had more fights in over 11 Years with BB than anyone else in this game. Cheez can win with any type of fighter and BB is in the same catagory as KKO and JAH,,great slappers. I learned alot about slug and flail from Cheez among other things (won't discuss,,LOL). BB's guy is 5'2 and Cheez's is 4'10. To me BB's fighter is going to be a Slugger killer. Very tough fight to call. BB by late KO!

BB by KO!

Very entertaining fight! A couple of old masters going at it. Both throwing experienced fight plan lines in the mix. Cheez has always been the king of the surprise all-out. Sometimes it works for him,,this time it didn't as BB was waiting!

Ok Managers, the CIT is a Go! For a Contest other than the CIT itselfwe will also run a Pick-em! Each manager can pick 2 fighters enteredin the Tourney and each fight they win you will get points. 1 point for1st round, 2 points for 2nd round, 3 po

Dec 02, 2011 7:47 AM

Ok Managers, the CIT is a Go! For a Contest other than the CIT itself we will also run a Pick-em! Each manager can pick 2 fighters entered in the Tourney and each fight they win you will get points. 1 point for 1st round, 2 points for 2nd round, 3 points for 3rd round etc. The winner of the Pick-em gets 300 credits, 2nd place gets 100 credits. Everyone even if not in the tourney can enter. Just send your 2 picks to me, deadline will be right b-4 the first fights and I will post everyones choices. Predictions and such will be soon!

Have a Few Managers willing to help in the CIT Commentary. May have a CIT Bracket that managers can fill out (Like NCAA). Winner of bracket to get something (Still working on it). Have Luchini, Ty and Just Bob to help with everything so it should m

Nov 24, 2011 10:38 AM

Have a Few Managers willing to help in the CIT Commentary. May have a CIT Bracket that managers can fill out (Like NCAA). Winner of bracket to get something (Still working on it). Have Luchini, Ty and Just Bob to help with everything so it should make it fun and interesting! Just waiting for the final roster!