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Week 6

Feb 19, 2013 10:18 PM

Had a busy week. Going to be an abbreviated version. Sorry about that.

Ethics Draws Blue Bird, Retains Title

Top Rank's Pablo the Blue Bird came in as the challenger and went for a slug-n-flail against Zwip's champion The Ethics. The Ethics was well prepared for the possibility, although left a door open. Not sure what each corner had the score at going into 12 but the Blue Bird went all out for a KO while The Ethics threw a ton of punches to win the round. The commentators had the fight won by Pablo but all 3 judges scored the fight exactly the same each round and all as a draw.

Next up for the champ is a bout against la-may's Viljo. Should be an excellent bout and look forward to seeing how it plays out. Pablo was matched up against a Big Boy Inc fighter in Monica O.

Gigglebox Stinkerbutt Regains Title from Slim Salamander II

Terminator Ty's fighter regained the Midwest regional title from The Iguana in a rematch of last week's regional title bout. This time around Stinkerbutt went slug-n-flail and out scored Slim for the victory. Next week we get round 3 in the series of fights between these two worthy advesaries. It should be interesting to see what adjustments each manager makes. Good luck Ty!

Terminator Ty Tops Kenny KO

The gyms of Terminator Ty and Kenny KO matched up in a pair of Super Feather Features this week. Another Tasty Beezo Please took the decision over Uncle Si and Pumpkinhead Runabout KO'd Happy Happy Happy. A nice night for Ty all around in Super Feathers this week.

DoD Remains MIA, Drops Big fight to Niccolo Machiavelli

In what should have been a huge fight, DoD's undefeated I stole this from Manny lost to the rising star from la-may, Niccolo Machiavelli. Niccolo cruised to a 115-113 UD and put another notch in his highly impressive career.

Next up for Machiavelli is a fight against Big Boy Inc. managed The Phenom XII. It should prove an interesting test for this young fighter. Niccolo is now rated 12/12 with a 15-3 record and will have to face the 13/14 rated Phenom XII and his 25-12 record.

Pigeon KOs Another Big Boy fighter

In back to back weeks, Pigeon le Meilleur faced Big Boy Inc. fighters and in back to back weeks left with his arm held high and BBs fighter left with the doctor for observation after being KO'd. Le Meilleur improved to 11-1 and is now rated 10/10. Next up for the young fighter is yet another Big Boy creation. This time it is Distress Mistress.

Big Boy Fighters KO ZWIP Twice

A pair of Big Boy Inc sluggers clocked a pair of Zwip fighters. Quantum X knocked out Tiberious Cannon 2 while The Phenom XI shattered Not Fragile in the 10th.

Team Croc Clocks The Iguana

In another pair of fights between gyms, both of these went the way of Team Croc and both by KO over fighters from The Iguana's gym.

Stay tuned for more... hopefully a better review next week.

Week 5

Feb 10, 2013 10:18 AM

World Title Fight: Ethics Outduels Lieutenant Dan

In a very entertaining World Title bout, Zwip's The Ethics retained his world title belt after defeating Top Rank's Lieutenant Dan. In the much anticipated headline fight of the night, the final result was decided by the judges - mostly on the outcome of a couple of key rounds which led to the majority decision for the champ.

The winning of many rounds was quite obvious. The decision in the fight really came down to the scoring in 3 key rounds - 1, 3 and 9. Starting with the opening round, both fighters had similar levels of activity and effectiveness. The round could have easily gone to either fighter but all three judges gave the defending champ the benefit of the doubt and the round. Round 3 then saw Ethics being more active but Dan was far more effective and accurate. The commentators, crowd and 2 of the judges felt that Dan had won the round but the 3rd judge surprisingly gave the round to the champ.

Finally, the final straw was the 9th round. Both fighters came out less active than in much of the fight and once again it appeared to many in attendance that Dan had been the better fighter of the round. However, a review of the score cards showed that only one judge awarded the round to Dan. Both other judges scored the round 10-10. In the end, scorecards were one for a draw and 2 in favor of the champ. Ethics retains his title and the fight world is clammoring for a possible rematch sometime in the future.

Midwest Regional Title Fight: Salamander topples Stinkerbutt

In a classic slugger vs dancer fight, Terminator Ty's Gigglebox Stinkerbutt came in looking for the KO while The Iguana's Slim Salamander II was trying to dance his way to victory on the score cards. Stinkerbutt threw power, power and more power trying to wear out the lower rated Slim but Slim kept his distance and rested plenty while winning just enough rounds to take the fight.

Down the stretch it appeared that Slim was letting things slip away by being too cautious in obvious fear of of Stinkerbutt's power and a number of rounds could have easily gone either way. One judge actually declared the bout a draw while the other 2 gave Salamader the slim one point victory. The majority decision gave The Iguana's gym their first regional title in the weight division and one more level of recognition in the realm of BDB.

European Regional Title Fight: Hyperborea Gym Stuns Mighty La-may!

The unheralded gym of Hyperborea brought his 4/4 rated Levon Ter-Pogossian into the ring to challenge la-may's 3/3 rated champ, Supa Star. Supa Star came into the fight 3-0 with 3 big KO's. Ter-Pogossian came in 10-6 with 7 KOs to his credit.

Early in the fight Levon was winning rounds but losing the endurance battle. On one hand things looked good as he was controlling the fight but most in attendance believed that Star had the fight where he wanted and was just biding his time before getting the KO. In the mid rounds Levon started relying on counter punches which proved to once again be effective to keep his aggression in a proper level to win rounds without opening himself up too much to the attach of Supa Star. However, once again he appeared to have some endurance issues and that his time might be up. It wasn't until the final round that Supa Star lost all abandone to try to win the fight when it became obvious that lesser efforts were not going to KO Ter-Pogosian. The allout effort also proved to be not enough and Levon captured his first title with a commanding decision victory. Hyperborea improved to a rating of 2. Here's to hoping we see more of this young gym after a very impressive win over la-may!

Weyler Answers Complaints

Former champ Valeriano Weyler cruised to victory over I Complain To Much in one of the better undercard fights this week in Super Feathers. weyler improved to a 15/15 rating and took the next step toward getting another shot at the title he once held in very impressive fashion.

Complain won rounds early but showed enduranace issues just as early. Weyler took advantage of the rounds that Complain was resting and then used his overwhelming power to start winning rounds that Complain was banking on. At that point things were extremely bleak for Zwip's fighter. Come the 10th round it looked like an early stoppage was inevitable. However, much to Complain's credit he got up off the mat time and time again. Weyler scored a knockdown in the 10th and then 2 more in both the 11th and 12th rounds but could not get the KO. He did, however, score the decisive decision on all three cards. Weyler looks to continue his career while Complain may be done complaining. At a rating of 12-16, his best days are clearly behind him.

Machiavelli Outlasts Distress Mistress

Rising star Niccolo Machiavelli out of la-may's gym faced off this week against aging slugger Distriss Mistriss, a Big Boy Inc product. Distress Mistress is known for a powerful punch but came in looking to dance his way passed Machiavelli. Through the first 9 rounds, it looked like the tactic was going to pay off. Then Machiavelli showed why he is garnering so much attention in the world of Big Dawg Boxing. Niccolo easily took the last 3 rounds on all three score cards and went on to win by majority decision.

Machiavellis is now up to a rating of 11/11 and has a huge fight this week against fellow 11/11 rated and rising star I stole this from Manny v1.03. Distress Mistress appears to have the week off to contemplate his future.

Autopilot Manny KOs Sigfried Stupor

Another rising star in the Super Featherweight divison got a big win this week but in a suprising fashion. It appears that I stole this from Manny v1.03 went without proper training for the week as his manager, Duke of Dorkdom, hasn't been seen since a forum temper tantrum and threatened to walk out of the game. So far he hasn't been seen since the tantrum but that didn't stop his promising young fighter, Manny from capturing yet another win and improving to 11-0-1. He did so by KO'ing la-may's journeyman fighter, Sigfried Stupor. Stupor won the early rounds but could not maintain his punch counts and effectiveness at the same time. Manny clearly won the fight from round 4 on. Stupor made a latch ditch effort for a 12th round KO but Manny was ready for him and instead put Stupor out for the count.

Manny is next paired up with la-may's powerhouse fighter Nicollo Machiavelli. He will likely need his manager to show back up to continue is undeafeated streak but no telling if that will occur or not. It will be interesting to find out.

Quantum X Takes the Not out of Fragile

Quantum X came out brawling with a purpose in this Super Feather Feature while Not Fragile could not live up to his name. Quantum X threw powerful body blows over and over at Not Fragile with obvious effectiveness. Not Fragile gave all he had, alternating winning rounds and running for safety but an allout onslaught from Quantum X in the 10th was more than he could take. Not Fragile did show a certain amount of toughness by getting off the mat twice before finally going down for the count.

Next up for Quantum X is a bout with Zwip managed Tiberious Cannon 2 while Not Fragile is matched up with another BB fighter - The Phenom XI. Both will be very interesting fights to follow this coming week.

Le Meilleur Mauls Wicked Ways!

Pigeon le Meilleur had a disappointing loss last week to a la-may fighter and had to try a quick turnaround against Big Boy managed Wicked Ways X and, boy did he ever bounce back! Le Meilleur controlled the fight from the get go in this slugger vs slugger duel. Pigeeon wooed the crowd and the judges right from the start. He was more effective with his power shots and showed that he was in better shape. A well rested Pigeon tossed an allout at the exhausted Wicked in the 10th. Meilleur got caught with a punch early in the round and hit the deck but came right back to clock Wicked and leave him lifeless on the mat with an eye swollen shut and a fractured nose.

Pigeon gets rewarded for the win with another fight with a Big Boy fighter (shocker!), this time in Spinners vs. Wicked ways will step into the ring against Eddy Crown's Rob Ruijgh.

Got Milk Got Botafoco'd

In the former region mate battle, la-may wasted no time in establishing his fighters dominance and cruised to a dominant decision. "Got Milk" never showed any real signs of life but did obviously offer up all he had to offer in the process. Alonso was just way too much for Dodgeball product.

Stay tuned for possible other updates in the near future - but no promises!

Week 4, continued!

Feb 02, 2013 7:53 PM

Machiavelli Eats Pigeon for Lunch

In a classic dancer verses slugger match, the gyms of la-may and Pigeon squared off this week. Pigeon le Meilleur came in with a perfect 9-0 record with all 9 wins by KO. Niccolo Machiavelli came in with a 12-3 record with 9 wins by KO and having never been knocked out himself. It was a great test for both fighters in a prime matchup in the super featherweight division.

Le Meilleur came in with a classic slugger strategy, looking to wear out Machiavelli in with lots of power punches to the body and surrending the points for each round. Machiavelli danced his way around the Pigeon, scored the points and tried to limit the effects of the body blows. There appeared to be a possible opening for the Pigeon in about the 7th or 8th round if he would have switched from body blows to a heavy attack on Machiavelli's head for a possible stoppage but le Meilleur didn't switch from body to head until the 10th round. Machiavelli used the 9th to run away and gain some much needed rest before coming out in the 10th and using Pigeon's out of control style against him to get the KO.

Le Meilleur should have learned much from this experience and hopefully will be back with a vengence in the coming weeks. Machiavelli advances up the charts and looks for his next victim. This was yet another fight worth the price of admission in the Super Featherweight division this week. Rumor has it that ticket sales are steadily increasing in the division for the upcoming fights.

Slim Leaves Happy, Makes Happy Sad

In the midwest, Slim Salamander II out of The Iguana's gym met up with Happy Happy Happy, a product of Kenny K.O. in a dancer verses dancer battle. The Iguana isn't known for his prowess with dancer types of fighters but did have the advantage of an extra rating/status point.

Slim came out as the more active fighter, both throwing and landing more punches early on. Happy made a charge and a couple of really close rounds made the fight rather intriguing. Slim's corner felt comfortable that the close rounds went his way, and fortunately for him, they were right. Happy suffering a bloody lip and swollen right eye helped Slim be more effective over the long haul and earn a decisive decision on all 3 cards.

Highlighted Manager/Fighter of the Week: Old Wrinkley and Steroid Stew

Old Wrinkley is a new manager fighting in the Canadian region. He just joined DBD at the end of December and one of his early creations is Steroid Stew. Stew fought his first 3 matches in Lightweight and one the Lightweight regional belt before moving into Super Feathers this past week when he once again one. A rough count of Old Wrinkley's gym shows that his fighters are off to a combined 42-4 start, including a 4-0 run by Stew. Canada has a lot of inactive autopilots floating around but that's not Wrinkley's fault. He is taking care of business and learning the ropes. I am looking forward to some Old Wrinkley vs Pigeon Boxing matchups in the near future. Pigeons unchallenged reign of terror in the region is over as it looks like a new challenger is in town. Good Luck to the Old Wrinkley gym and to Stew in the Super Featherweight division!

Fight Previews - Monster Week of Fights in Super Feathers!

Keep coming back, I may have to add some of these previews in steps. There are a number of fun matchups this week. I will start at the top of the rankings and work my way along but the division is heating up with a lot of very good matchups between active managers. My apologies if I miss one your fighters, but if you are fighting an autopilot, don't even look here! Too much live action to think about those.

World Title Fight: The Ethics vs Lieutenant Dan!

Zwip's The Ethics swiped the title from Top Rank's Dallas Raines last week. This week another Top Rank contender steps in the ring to try to reclaim the belt. Lieutenant Dan steps into the ring for the first time since a January 2nd loss in a Lightweight World Title bout against fighter of the month candidate Biggie KO IX. Dan is a 17/18 rated fighter with a record of 32-12-3 with 15 big wins by KO. He has a 6-2 record in world title fights, all in the Lightweight division. Actually this is Dan's first foray out of the Lightweight since his very first fight.

The champ comes in with a 17/21 rating and a record of 36-13-4, winning 11 fights by KO. That includes a very impressive 32 world title fights. The record in world title fights is good but not quite as impressive at 17-12-3. What may be most impressive is that he has fought for world titles in 6 different weight classes, winning titles in 4 different divisions - Feather, Bantam, Light and Super Feather.

The bout promises great things as the marquee fight of a very big week of Super Feather fights. Good luck to both fighters and may the best man get himself back to a rating of 18!

U.S. Midwest Regional Title Fight: Gigglebox Stinkerbutt vs Slim Salamander II!

Gigglebox fights for Terminator Ty and comes into the fight as the defending champ with a rating of 6/6 and a record of 11-5, winning 8 of the 11 fights by KO but being KO'd 4 of the 5 times he lost. He is on a 2 fight win streak in back to back regional title fights but hasn't fought since January 9th. Stinkerbutt started off his career with 12 straight fights that ended in the 1st round before going the distance in the last 4. It will be interesting to see his tactics in this bout.

Slim Salamader II is managed by The Iguana and comes into the fight rated 5/5 with a undefeated 5-0 record. All 5 fights have gone the distance and one would presume that he would hope for more of the same in this fight, having won all 5 fights comfortably on the score cards. The Iguana looks to capture his regional title in the division and improve his gym rating in the process.

Valeriano Weyler vs I Complain To Much

The highest rated undercard fight of the week pits Top Rank and Zwip against one another before the world title fight goes off. In this one Weyler is rated 14/14 while To Much comes in at 13/16. Weyler was the world champ at the start of the month but lost to Beauty is Truth the following week. He needs this win against To Much to try to get back in the hunt for another title shot.

I Complain To Much gives boxers a bad name with his grammatical name issue and needs to borrow another o for his to but I guess it is better than being names two much. Then again, maybe he just lost the extra o somewhere in the last 8 fights were he has gone a meager 2-6, losing all 6 fights by way of KO. It will be interesting to see how he fares this week against Weyler, who has shown the power to KO an opponent or 2.

Distress Mistress vs Niccolo Machiavelli

As noted earlier Machiavelli dismantled Pigeon de Mielleur this past week and comes into the fight rated 10/10 with a 13-3 record with 9 wins by KO. He has never been KO'd in his in any of the 3 losses. Machiavelli looks like a top prospect with his early impressive record. He should be handily tested this week by the journeyman fighter out of Big Boy Inc's gym.

Distress Mistress comes in rated 10/11 with a record of 27-17. 23 of those wins are by KO with 7 of the losses coming by KO. One would expect the Big Boy fighter to make a run at being the first to KO Machiavelli, but that is no easy challenge. This should be a very interesting fight to watch. Mistress has nothing to lose in this bout and little to gain. On the other hand, Machiavelli has his whole career in front of him.

I stole this from Manny vs Sigfried Stupor

The Super Feather community was clamoring for a rematch between Manny and BB Quantum X but it was not to be. The fight will have to wait for at least another week as Duke of Dorkdom's Manny was instead pitted against Sigfired Stupor out of la-may's gym.

Manny fought to a draw last week against Quantum X, which is the only minor blemish on his record. Currently rated 10/10 with an impressive 10-0-1 record, Manny looks to get back on the winning track against Stupor, a journeyman fighter out of la-may's camp. If Manny and Quantum can manage wins this week, it will just build anticipation of a much needed re-match but if either falters, it will be a huge disappointment. Therefore, it was quite suprising so see Manny go up against a fighter out of la-may's camp rather than someone of lesser stature.

Sigfried Stupor comes in rated 10/10 but at a less impressive record of 23-13-3, having won 3 fights by KO and losing 7 in the same manner. One would expect this fight to go the distance and it offers plenty of intrigue and potential for excitement. Stupor would like nothing more than to boost his career with a win over the hot DoD prospect and we expect nothing short of his best effort in this fight.

BB Quantum X vs Not Fragile

The other side of last week's draw, Quantum X, squares off against the Zwip managed Not Fragile. BB Quantum X comes in at 10/10 with a record of 15-6-2, winning 13 fights by KO. Not Fragile has a very nice record of 20-10-3, winning 6 fights by KO. Zwip's fighter might not be fragile, but with 7 losses by KO, he better watch out for impressive power of Quantum X.

Quantum took a slug in flail approach last week that led to the draw against Manny. Will he go the same way this week against Fragile or will he try to break him up? Once again, this will be a very good fight in lieu of the re-match and will be a tough match for both fighters. At the risk of being a broken record, the crowds are getting good value for the price of the ticket this week in the Super Feather division!

Wicked Ways X vs Pigeon le Mielleur

Pigeon fell short in a battle against la-may's fighter last week and comes back with no easy task in the next week. Le Mielleur lost for the first time last week and comes into the fight at a 8/9 rating. His record was blemished for the first time and thus he comes in at 9-1, with all 10 fights stopping before the distance. A win this week would go a long way to dispersing the disappointment of last weeks loss and get the Pigeon back on track in his career. Another loss would be a huge disappointment.

The opponent on the other side of the ring is the Big Boy Inc production, Wicked Ways X. Wicked sports a record of 11-3-1, with the only fight going the distance being the lone draw. Given the two fighters history, major fireworks are expected in this fight and Vegas has set the odds of this fight going 12 full rounds at about 100-1. This will be Wicked's first fight since his lone tie in July against recent SF champ, Veleriano Weyler. It will be interesting to see how the layoff affects Wicked in the bout. It will be more interesting to see what kind of state these two fighters are in at the end of it. Odds of both emerging without any injuries is about as long as it going the distance!

Ira "Got Milk" Gallon 2013 vs Alonso E. Botafoco

While "only" a pair of 3/3 rated fighters, this is an interesting battle of former region mates. Botofoco is a 3-0 production of la-may and has won all three fights by KO. Gallon comes out of Dodgeball's gym, is also 3-0 and has also won all 3 fights by KO. The two hot young prospects square off for the chance to go to 4-0. Dodgeball spent many a year fighting in the European region before returning to the states. The fight between these two promises a good show in the early card and should be good warm up for the division this week.

Stay tuned... more preview to come!

Hoping to do some awards, misc info as well as a few previews of the coming week later today.

Week 4

Jan 31, 2013 11:07 PM

New Champ Crowned!

After Super Feather Features went to press last week, a title fight was scheduled between Top Ranks champ, Dallas Raines, and The Ethics fighting for Zwip. Raines was rated 15/15 with a 25-7-1 record with 8 wins by KO. The Ethics was rated 16/21 and boasts a record of 35-13-4 with 11 wins by KO.

The first couple of rounds was a feeling out period between the two, splitting the rounds. The Ethics flexed a little muscle in the 3rd and 4th round, gaining a lead in the fight but showing a little more wear than Raines. Raines was able to close the gap in score over the next several rounds but gave back his lead in endurance.

The closing rounds are when things really got interesting. A couple of middle rounds were close and it appears that Raines' corner decided he was behind. A later review of the score cards showed Raines was right in the fight, however, he threw caution to the wind and every punch in his arsenal. The lack of caution allowed Ethics to land a crushing blows and landed on his back not once but 3 times over the final 2 rounds. Ethics won the final 3 rounds by 6 points on all 3 score cards, giving him the win by a mere 5 points on 2 of the cards and 6 points on the 3rd card. Raines once again proved his toughness by not getting knocked out, but he did take a beating.

Congratulations to Zwip and The Ethics for their World Title!

Monster KO's Guevara

In another late scheduled fight, la-may took his 14/14 rated Fernando Nino de Guevara up agains Big Boy's 13/13 rated One in a Hundred Monster. Early on it was all Guevara, winning all the rounds on the scorecards, including a 10-8 3rd round when he scored a knockdown of the Monster. However, by the end of the 5th round, Guevara began showing serious signs of a lack of endurance.

The fight continued to be in question into the later rounds but Monster starting pushing hard for the KO in the 9th round. He scored 2 knockdowns in the 9th before landing some serious punishment in the 10th and putting Guevara down for the count. The crowd got more than their moneys worth in this fight.

Manny and Quantum X Fight to no avail

I stole this from Manny and BB Quantum X squared off in the ring on Wednesday night. The fight was filled with plenty of action and more than its share of intrigue. Quantum came in having won 13 of 15 fights by KO while Manny was undefeated. Quantum looked to slug and flail while Manny wanted to dance his way past the slugger. The fight went back and forth with both fighters winning rounds but many also left in doubt. That doubt had Manny cruising to the finish while Quantum was flailing away for the win. In the end neither of them were quite right. The crowd held its breath as the score cards were read and then supporters of both fighters moaned in disappointed as they realized the fight ended in a draw on all 3 cards. We can only hope the two fighters meet in the ring again and decide this in a more satisfactory means.

More to come later... out of time now

Week 3, Issue 2

Jan 25, 2013 10:11 AM

Fight Previews!

The World Super Featherweight champion, Dallas Raines, so far as the week off but there are still several intriguing match ups this week in the weight class. There are also a number of new fighters in the division and we will highlight some of those as well.

I stole this from Manny v1.03 vs BB Quantam X

First up is a big time East vs West battle between a pair of 10/10 rated Fighters. Manny fights for Duke of Dorkdom in the US West while Quantum X is a Big Boy Inc. creation fighting out of the US East. Quantam has an impressing 15-6-1 record winning 13 fights by KO. Manny is even more impressive with a perfect 10-0 with 1 win coming by KO.

Manny has that impressive perfect record but hasn't really been put to the test yet. His first 9 fights were in the Featherweight division and all were handy wins. He moved up to Super Feathers for a fight this past week and once again walked over a fighter with an absentee manager. This week will be an excellent test for the DoD production and will help him validate the hot start record he has put together if he can muster up an 11th victory.

Quantam is on a 3 fight win streak, all by KO. The most recent was an impressive dismantling and 10th round KO of Rob Ruijgh, an Eddy crown managed fighter. The knock on Quantum has been a week chin. 5 of his 6 losses have ended with Quantum on his back. Manny hasn't shown much in the way of power thus far in his career so that would seem to not be much of an issue in this bout.

It will be interesting to watch how this plays out and see which of these two fine managers can lead their prospect to victory.

Niccolo Machiavelli vs Pigeon le Meilleur

This could be the biggest fight yet for Pigeon Boxing as he takes his 9-0 hot young prospect up against a la-may managed fighter. This bout promises lots of action and will be an excellent test for the up and coming gym verses one of the most established gyms in BDB

Pigeon le Meilleur was the highlighted fighter of the week in a previous Super Featherweight Feature and for good reason. The young fighter is 9-0, winning all 9 fights by KO. However, it was noted that much of the competition was poorly prepared but give le Meilleur and his manager credit for taking care of business. A win here would validate the hot start and help propel the young gym along. A loss wouldn't be the worst thing to happen but would be quite disappointing for Pigeon Boxing

Niccolo Machiavelli comes in with a 12-3 record, winning 8 of the fights by KO. He comes into the fight after a loss to a Sydney Sharks managed fighter and having lost 3 of the last 5 fights after a 10-0 start to his career. Niccolo needs this win to try to right the ship of a once stellar and still possibly promising career.

Both fighters have shown sufficient firepower over the course of their careers. Smart money is betting on this one stopping short of the distance. It will be quite interesting to see how this plays out. Can the de Meilleur continue his undefeated streak or will Niccolo stop him cold and get his own career back on track? Tune in January 30th and find out!

Slim Salamander II vs Happy Happy

It's my own fighter, what of it?! Slim Salamander brings a 4-0 record in against Happy's 3-0-1 record. Both fighters squared off against Bectel IV, an Official Bot Gym fighter. Both won handily. Happy kissed his sister... err... had a draw against Zwip's Bots R Us last week. Slim has faced bots and autopilots. Iggy is dipping his toe into the world of managing dancers and Slim is one of those experiments. A huge edge goes to Kenny in this fight but Slim is determined to beat the odds. He has the one point rating/status advantage, lets hope he can make use of it and continue his winning ways.

Week 3

Jan 23, 2013 10:35 PM

Dallas Raines Defends Title, Barely Breaks a Sweat!

Yxhuggaren was soundly defeated in the World Title fight this week. Dallas Raines danced his way around Yxhuggaren, easily winning the fight by a score of 117-111 on all three cards. Both fighters were rather active but Raines was easily more effective.

At times in the fight, it looked like Yxhuggaren and his corner had prepped for a totally different opponent. He had plenty of energy but never seemed to up the activity or power enough to win rounds he desparately needed. Dallas built an early 4 round lead and cruised to victory. Yxhuggaren through in a couple of allout rounds at the end trying to pull the fight out late but the onslaught was barely noted by Raines who continued to win rounds down the stretch for the commanding UD victory. Hopefully ZWIP gets another swipe at the title soon and can redeem this less than stellar effort!

Brutality of the Week Award - The Hitchhiker IX

Big Boys' Hitchhiker IX completely dismantled Eric "I'm just big boned" Cartman fighting for the Palnu Fight Club. IX puffed up Cartman's eye in the first round and clinched his way to a decisive endurance lead while Cartman continued to fight inside. Cartman failed to win rounds and do significant damage against the Hitchhiker. The fight was rather painful to watch, but not as painful to be on the wrong side of the pounding.

The ending was known well before it arrived to all but Cartman and his corner. To his credit, he never threw in the towel, even though it would have been well warranted. IX probably could have ended the fight a round or 2 earlier, at least if he made the effort. Instead he continued to carry Eric along and punish him is masochistic style. Finally, in the 9th round the Hitchhiker switched from a body punishing clinch to a brutal inside attack. Cartman went down twice and got back up before finally being KO'd. The referee was obviously just as masochistic as IX to have not stopped the action sooner. Here is the final report for Cartman:

I'm Just Big Boned can't remember which corner is his. He has gash above the left eye. He has gash below the right eye. He has serious cut below the left eye. He has swelling above the right eye. He has a bloody nose.

Suck up to Iggy Fight of the Week

Big Boys Iggy Experiment II danced his way passed Worknman's Zipper head to a 115-113 victory on all cards. The fight wasn't super exciting as "Iggy" got a big early lead and then rested his way to the easy win. The fight is mostly just reviewed because my name is in the winning fighter's name and it was a fight between a couple of active managers.

Week 2

Jan 17, 2013 10:49 PM

Dalles Raines Takes Title with 11th Round KO!

Beauty is Truth came into the title match with a plan to slug and flail against Raines. It looked like things were going reasonably well for much of the fight. Beauty was winning rounds and winning the endurance battle as well, but several of the rounds were very close and could have gone either way. It appears that Beauty's corner decided in the 11th that the plan wasn't working at the title was all but lost. The Truth came out with everything he had left in the tank, hoping to catch Dallas off guard, but it failed miserably.

On the other side of the ring, Raines and his corner showed great composure. Raising punch counts just enough to counter Beauty's flailing and withstanding the pounding that was being dished out. There were a couple of moments that it looked like a full sluggers approach by The Truth may have been successful, but in the end it was Raines that showed his own power. An impressive right cross from Raines was the last thing Beauty saw.

Regional Fights a Disappointment

Both fights were a bit entertaining but something is extremely disappointing about 4 fighters in 2 regional fights all being on autopilot. Mr Clover owns Jake easily KO'd Deri in the 10th round, leaving Deri with a broken jaw. In the ASA region, Sam Williamson had the fight well in hand before going all out in the 12th and getting his clocked cleaned by shupa.

Fighter Highlight of the Week - Pigeon le Meilleur

Pigeon le Meilleur has an impressive 9-0 record with all 9 wins coming via KO. 7 of the 9 wins may have come against the same 2 autopilot fighters, but 9-0 is still 9-0 and with the power he has shown to win them all by KO is still impressive. Mr. le Meilleur manager is Pigeon Boxing. Pigeon's gym owns a large number of Canadian regional belts but Pigeon le Meilleur is the current creme of the crop. It will be interesting to see how well this young bruiser fairs as he starts facing live opponents. Super Featherweight Features looks forward to following his career.

Stay tuned for fight previews later this week once the scheduler has run.

Week 1

Jan 12, 2013 3:22 PM

Beauty is Truth Slaps Past Weyler

In a somewhat exciting, but at the same time disappointing, fashion, Beauty used a slapper style to get past Top Rank's Valeriano Weyler to capture the Super Featherweight World Title.

Beauty started the first three rounds coming out extraordinarily passive, saving up energy and letting Weyler win the opening rounds handily. The Truth then selectively picked rounds to win the rest of the way out to secure the majority decision victory. That said, rounds 5, 7 and 12 were all rounds that appeared to be able to go in either direction. Somewhat shockingly, rounds 5 and 7 both went to Beauty on all three judges cards. Round 12 went his way on 2 of the three cards. Christy Martin was the only of the 3 judges to award Weyler for his work in the 12th, putting the fight at a draw on her card.

Top Rank took exception to both the score and the tactics employed by Big Boy Inc.'s fighter in chat after the fight. TR more or less called out Beauty as a chicken slapper. He also noted that he and his cornerman both felt that Weyler easily deserved the win and expected it prior to the decision being read by the ring announcer. Big Boy responded with a "scoreboard" like response.

Next Up for the Champ

Next up for Beauty is a title defense against another Top Rank managed Fighter. This time the 15/15 rated Beauty is Truth "slugger" with a record of 41-21-1 (31/11) is matched up against a 15/15 rated Dallas Raines with an impressive record of 23-6-1 (7/0). Raines is more a dancer with a 6 inch height advantage over The Truth but has also shown a little power, winning 2 of his last 3 fights by KO. This promises to be an exciting venture for all to follow. Will be interesting to see if Beauty tries to be the first to knockout Dallas or if he tries to win more creatively. Raines has obviously shown the ability to win in multiple fashion.

Next Up for the Former Champ

Weyler, currently at 13/14 with a record of 27-14-3 (18/4), is matched up with Wayne Knight. Knight is a 12/14 fighter with a record of 31-16-6 (4/2), coming out of Eddy Crown's gym. Both of these guys are former world title holders and also promise an interesting fight. Knight boasts a whopping 9 inch height advantage in this fight. With 4 KO's to his resume, stopping it short is possible, but unlikely if he is to win the bout. Weyler has shown the ability to go the distance and win but there is definitely a conflict of interest in how each hopes to see the fight end.

Regional Title Bouts

Mr Clover owns Jake vs Deri

The south region is the only one with a regional title fight of the week. The bout pits 6/6 fighter Mr Clover owns Jake, managed to a 10-4-0 (10/4) record by Mr Clover, as the champion against the 5/5 challenger Deri. Deri has a record of 15-12-1 (0/8) and fights for the kingderi28 gym. Considering that this is the 4th fight between these two, that first three all ended with Deri down for the 10 count and that kingderi28 hasn't bothered to visit his gym in the last 10 days, the result of this bout seems to be fairly predictable

Other Stuff

Manager Highlight of the Week - Team Croc, England

Looking over existing fighters in the division a few things stood out. One was that Big Boy Inc. has about half the active fighters in the division. Another was that Team Croc has a nice stable of young fighters in the division, as well as quite a few good prospects in other divisions as well. It looks like he has been feeding on a nice diet of autopilots but all one can do is handle the tasks set in front of you. Not only does he have a number of fighters with a good starting record but most of them are easy on the eyes when you scout them out as well. It will be fun to watch this young manager as he tries to climb the ranks of the Super Featherweight division.

New Fighters Galore

At least 14 new fighters have entered the division for fights this upcoming week. Most by prompting from yours truely with the promise of names in lights, or at least print, and an as yet undefined potential gain of credits for some undefined set of accomplishments. It will be fun to watch these new fighters to see which are contenders, which are pretenders and which ones are just fodder for the first two groups. Thanks for the influx of talent and good luck to each of your new creations in the coming weeks!

Sneak Peak - Big Title Fight Tonight

Jan 09, 2013 7:27 AM

Full coverage will begin this week but a little sneak peak first!

Valeriano Weyler managed by Top Rank (U.S. West) VS Beauty is Truth managed by Big Boy Inc. (U.S. East)

An east vs west, US style, battle for the world title. Top Rank's Valeriano Weyler is a 14/14 slugger. Big Boy's Beauty is Truth is a 15/15 slugger. This one could be a major blood bath. Chances it goes the distance are slim to none and none just left town. So, who will out battle who? Smart money is on the higher rated fighter but Top Rank is a wiley vet so who knows! Looking forward to see how this one turns out!

I am going to see about "publishing" a regular article on the super featherweight division. It has one of the lower fighter counts, relatively speaking and is a good place to start. I will work on doing some fight previews and reviews, give some awards fo

Jan 08, 2013 8:42 PM

I am going to see about "publishing" a regular article on the super featherweight division. It has one of the lower fighter counts, relatively speaking and is a good place to start. I will work on doing some fight previews and reviews, give some awards for things that catch my eye (based solely on my own subjective review of the division) and try to get some managers to give me an interview or two about themselves and/or their fighters.

So, get your super feather fighters created and let's have some fun. Note, I will probably offer some kind of token prize to a fighter that achieves some defined achievement that is created today or later (I.e. first fight next week or later)