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The Thrilla in Mozilla! Carolina vs. Gloin

by Krusty

With the hopes of giants and dwarves alike resting on his sturdy but inexperienced shoulders, U.S. South implant Gloin has the fight of his life ahead of him next Monday in a bout being dubbed 'the Thrilla in Mozilla.' Having been fed a steady diet of string beans leading up to the storied clash, Gloin entered the press conference announcing the fight with a quiet optimism, letting his outspoken manager Krusty do the talking.


Mar 31, 2016 3:55 AM

"I hear South Carolina makes some fine string beans, we're anxious for a taste,"' Krusty said with a grin. Five-and-0 and ain't never kissed the ground, that's how we like 'em!" The manager then mimicked licking his fingers with an audible "mmmhmmm!" while mugging for the camera.

South Carolina, meanwhile, simply glared menacingly at his opponent, sliding a thumb across the expanse of his neck while gritting his teeth. His manager Dodgeball in turn, responded wordlessly, pushing the microphone off the table in front of him with a scowl, filling the room with the deafening squeal of feedback as he pushed through the stunned throng of reporters leading his fighter out of the room.

Fight prognosticators learned little from this pre-fight scrum other than the obvious resentment the two combatants have for one another.

Having already trounced four dwarves including one by KO, no doubt South Carolina is insulted by the mere suggestion this untested upstart could prove to be any real challenge for him.

Meanwhile Gloin, perhaps favoured more by the crowd and definitely less so by the bookmakers, is stalwart in his determination to prove the faith of his supporters is not misplaced.

Tune in Monday for one of this year's most anticipated fights, the Thrilla in Mozilla!