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Coming Soon

by Cheez the DKE

The C(heez).I.T. is on hold for the moment due to several manager requests and my own general feelings toward it. There are tremendous changes taking place here at TBG on a regular basis, and the game's administrative staff is putting together unique tournaments of their own with some very creative rules. Compared to when this first started back in June or so of last year when little was going on with the game in terms of public changes and nothing (at the start) in the way of tournaments it is now a busy time for special events here. We will revisit in the coming weeks and months whether or not it is worthwhile to host the C(heez)IT again. To all the managers I relentlessly pursued for the tournament itself; the majority of whom have been in retirement for years, how about playing the game itself again? That way I won't have to manually run such a large, complex tournament!
Guess the cat is out of the bag now, and with those claws, I not be putting it back.

For newer managers and a sense of the game's history, here is a Link to Mamoulian and Joe's Excellent Book of Records and will also take you to the archives of Welter World Weekly and other fun old, old stuff.

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