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Code of Conduct

1. Fight fixing is strictly prohibited

This is the Golden Rule of BDB. Throwing fights undermines the integrity of the game. Doing this is grounds for immediate removal from the game. Do this in a tournament for cash or prizes and make no doubt about it, the game management will pursue criminal charges.

2. Each player is allowed 1 gym.

If you get caught with more than 1 gym you may forfeit both gyms. If you're a pro player (have chosen to play our optional for pay game) and get caught with multiple gyms, you'll not only lose your gyms but lose your account balance as well, it's called fraud and we deal with it very harshly.

3. Intentionally losing a fight to avoid injury points will be treated the same as fight fixing.

Boxing is a warriors sport. Players who use 1/1/18 strategies (running away) for the bulk of a fight when they aren't injured, or intentionally get disqualified will be suspended. This is meant to be the equivalent of a sanctioning organization withholding a fighter's purse for an unacceptable level of effort.

4. Profanity is not allowed.

Rather than split hairs over what is and isn't allowed Absolutely no profanity is allowed.

5. Culturally offensive terms are not permitted

A reality of running an international game the size of TBG is that many words and phrases, which by definition are not "swear" words are still offensive enough to not be acceptable in this game. This includes any and all names referring to bodily functions, sexual activity or organs (primary or secondary), or religious or cultural icons.

6. Members of the Player Commission are to be treated with respect

The player commissioners are volunteers who contribute a great deal of time and effort to the game. Abusive e-mails, BBS posts, chat sessions, all take a toll on our volunteer PCs. The contribution of these players is critical to the survival of the game and any behaviour which would cause these individuals to question their commitment will get you removed from the game immediately.

7. You must maintain a valid e-mail address at all times

E-mail is the only way we have to communicate with you. If we notice that your e-mail address is no longer valid your gym will be suspended until the situation has been rectified.

Violation of these rules may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your playing privileges. If you conduct yourself in such a poor manner that we must remove you from the game you will forfeit any unused membership dues to cover administrative costs, ESPECIALLY IF YOU GET CAUGHT WITH MULTIPLE GYMS OR FIXING FIGHTS.