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Fight Cards


What Does it Do.

Fight Cards are used for disclosed online-viewing of the outcome of a fight.

When to Use It.

Every time you are interested in the outcome of a fight, being from one of your own fighters or from some else's.

How to Use It.

Click on the link in the Nav Bar called Fight Cards. If you have already created any cards, they will be listed here.

To create a new card click Add.... You will be asked to give the fight card a title. It is common use to name it after your fighter. When you're done click the Create Fight Card button. You now have your fight card created, and it's ready for use.

To view the fights stored on your fight card click on the Card #. All the completed and upcoming fights that are stored on the card will now be displayed. You now have three options:

1. Add a Fight: To add a fight to your fight card you must enter the fight number and click the Add Fight button.
2. View a Fight: To view a fight listed on your fight card you must click on the Fight #. Only fights listed and completed can be viewed.
3. Remove a Fight: To remove a fight from your fight card you must enter the fight number and click the Remove Fight button.

Other Notes.

Fight numbers can be found at the upcoming fights section or on your fighter's page as follows:
- Click the Schedule link in the Nav Bar. Select the weight class and region of the fight you want to add and click the List button. The fight number for each fight is shown between brackets after the fight date.
- Click Gym in the Nav Bar and select your fighter. If your fighter has an upcoming fight you will see the fight number in brackets.