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Help Weight and Strength

At the beginning of a bout, the two fighters' weights are compared. Suppose that fighter A has weight W1 and fighter B has weight W2 and that W1 > W2. Then fighter A has ((W1/W2) - 1)*10added to his STR and fighter B has the same amount subtracted from his STR>

For example, if fighter A weighs 220 pounds and his opponent weighs 200 pounds, then A would have ((220/200) - 1) * 10 = 1 point added to his STR, while his opponent loses one point of STR.

Important Note: For purposes of calculating strength advantage due to weight, the maximum weight used is 250 lbs. for heavyweights, 300 lbs for toughman and 999 lbs for superheavyweight i.e. If your fighter weighs 300 lbs his weight will not give him any strength advantage over a 250 lb. fighter in heavyweight.