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World Title Fight History

Date Fight Report Fighter Managed by Outcome Fighter Managed by
3/12/1999 Eric "The Tower" Walters duck was knocked out by Banarne Joe
3/19/1999 Banarne Joe defeated Tom "Tomahawk" Thompson Dangerous Dan
3/26/1999 Banarne Joe was knocked out by Frankie goes blind Errebo
4/2/1999 Frankie goes blind Errebo knocked out The Skunk Ape Joe Byrd
4/16/1999 Frankie goes blind Errebo defeated Salazar Beerguzzler Cheez the DKE
4/23/1999 Frankie goes blind Errebo knocked out Frankenstein`s Monster Joe Byrd
4/30/1999 Frankie goes blind Errebo lost to Banarne Joe
5/22/1999 Banarne Joe knocked out The Seventh Ultimate Killer Kelvin!
6/4/1999 Banarne Joe defeated Buddy "Thunder" Mittens Peekaboo
6/25/1999 Banarne Joe defeated Bill "The Puppy" Mill Peekaboo